Another Word For Very nice

"Very Nice" means being extremely pleasant, agreeable, or enjoyable in nature or characteristics. It conveys a high degree of goodness and satisfaction. Read on for synonym and other words for Very nice.

Very nice in a sentence
The dinner party was very nice; everyone had a fantastic time.

"Very nice" 16 synonyms and related terms with examples

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The weather was delightful, perfect for a picnic.


She has a charming personality that everyone loves.


We had a pleasant conversation over coffee.


The garden looks lovely with all those blooming roses.


It was an enjoyable experience to visit the museum.


We had a wonderful time on our holiday.


He found the proposal quite agreeable and decided to accept it.


The view from the mountain was absolutely splendid.


The cruise was a pleasurable experience for the entire family.


His gracious hospitality made us feel right at home.


She is an amiable hostess who makes everyone feel welcome.


The staff at the resort were genial and helpful.


We had a congenial chat at the coffee shop.


The concert was an enjoyable event for young and old alike.


It was a marvellous performance by the ballet dancers.


The food at the restaurant was superb.

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Examples of very nice on Reddit

"Very nice" is used in real world conversations right now:

Just met pewds, 10/10 very nice, also can confirm he has no legs and was hovering. Hope you and Marzia enjoy your holiday and hope i wasn’t too annoying!😁 posted on PewdiepieSubmissions
Kid from my highschool shared the first post. Our social studies teacher, who is typically very nice and accepting of other's views, was not having it. posted on MurderedByWords
I finally asked Ernie Hudson for a picture after seeing him about 100 times at the store I work at! He’s very nice! posted on pics
Kazakhstan's tourism board has adopted the Borat catchphrase "very nice" in its new advertising campaign posted on movies
Built my pc no more than 1 hour ago, Very Nice posted on pcmasterrace
Very nice, all with a cigarette in her mouth posted on trashy
A very nice gesture from him πŸ‘πŸ‘ posted on MadeMeSmile
That's not very nice, Dr. Parik! posted on wallstreetbets
Very nice editing skills posted on nextfuckinglevel
Maybe old but very nice posted on wholesomememes

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