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'On the other hand' is a phrase used to introduce a contrasting point of view or counter-argument. It allows the speaker or writer to present a different or opposing perspective. Read on for synonym and other words for On the other hand.

On the other hand in a sentence
I love living in the city because it’s so convenient; on the other hand, it can be very noisy and crowded.

"On the other hand" 21 synonyms and related terms with examples

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Used to introduce a statement that contrasts with or reverses one that has just been made.

The new law may help the economy; conversely, it could harm small businesses.


Used to introduce a statement that contrasts with or seems to contradict something that has been said previously.

She didn't want to go to the party; however, she decided to attend for a short while.

in contrast

Used to introduce a stark difference between two items or situations.

The south of the country is very dry; in contrast, the northern regions have heavy rainfall.


Used to present another option or possibility.

You could take the main road; alternatively, there's a scenic route along the coast.


Used to indicate what is happening at the same time as something else.

She was working on her thesis; meanwhile, her friends were enjoying a summer vacation.


Used to introduce a contrasting idea or to show that something is unexpected.

He wanted a pet; yet, his parents were worried about the responsibility.


Used to acknowledge a preceding statement and introduce a counterpoint.

It was raining heavily; nonetheless, they decided to go hiking.


Used to introduce a contrasting statement that does not negate the original point.

The mission seemed impossible; nevertheless, they continued to strive for success.


Used to indicate continuation or persistence despite a difficulty or obstacle.

He was very tired; still, he finished his homework before going to bed.


Used to introduce a contrasting or limiting statement.

Though the project was challenging, it was also very rewarding.

by contrast

Used to emphasize the differences between two situations or items.

The village is quiet and peaceful; by contrast, the city is bustling and noisy.

on the flip side

Informal way to introduce a contrasting point or situation.

The job pays well; on the flip side, it's very stressful.


Used to indicate that something is being done in place of something else.

She didn't take the bus; instead, she walked to work.


Used to introduce a contrasting phrase or statement.

She didn't fail; rather, she learned valuable lessons from the experience.


Used to introduce a different option or possibility.

You could drive the car again; alternatively, you might prefer to take the bike.

in opposition

Used to indicate a position contrary to an argument or idea.

The board members’ views were in opposition to the manager’s plans.


Used to introduce an action or situation that directly contrasts with another.

The first team was aggressive; oppositely, the second team played defensively.

with this in mind

Used to link thoughts when introducing a contrasting idea.

He's a great artist; with this in mind, some of his work is quite controversial.

then again

Used informally to introduce a contrasting idea or possibility.

He might agree to help; then again, he might be too busy.

in other words

Used to introduce a statement that restates or clarifies the previous one in a contrasting way.

In other words, not all nutrients are beneficial when consumed in excess.

in other respects

Used to indicate a contrasting aspect of a situation.

In other respects, the trip was a great success despite some minor setbacks.

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