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Additionally is an adverb that means 'as an extra factor or circumstance' or 'in addition to what has already been mentioned.' It is used to introduce an extra piece of information. Read on for synonym and other words for Additionally.

Additionally in a sentence
We need to finish the reports by Friday. Additionally, we should prepare for the meeting.

"Additionally" 30 synonyms and related terms with examples

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She is an excellent musician. Also, she is a talented painter.


The project is under budget. Moreover, it is expected to be completed ahead of schedule.


The new policy will reduce costs. Furthermore, it will improve employee morale.


He is too young for the job. Besides, he lacks the necessary qualifications.

in addition

The company offers health benefits. In addition, employees receive free meals.


The rent is affordable. Plus, the location is ideal.


She writes beautifully. She sings well, too.

as well

He is a skilled engineer. He is a great manager as well.

along with

The package includes a manual along with a set of tools.


He did everything he could. He even stayed late to finish the job.


The rule applies to students. Likewise, it applies to staff members.

in the same way

She approached the problem methodically. In the same way, she tackled the next challenge.


The research is extensive. Further, it offers new insights.


The package includes a laptop, and it comes with a carrying case.

apart from

Apart from the initial cost, maintenance fees are also reasonable.

on top of that

The work was done well. On top of that, it was finished on time.

over and above

She received praise over and above her regular duties.

additionally to

Additionally to his role as manager, he serves as the company's spokesperson.

to boot

The project is exciting, and profitable to boot.

by the same token

He is a kind person. By the same token, he is also very patient.


The solution is simple, yet it is very effective.

more than that

Her actions are generous, more than that they are inspiring.

to say nothing of

The cost is high, to say nothing of the time required.

what is more

The job offers a good salary. What is more, it provides great benefits.

into the bargain

She is an excellent cook, and a great baker into the bargain.

add to that

The service is quick. Add to that, it’s very efficient.

as well as

He has extensive experience, as well as a solid reputation.

beyond that

Construction will be quick. Beyond that, it will include state-of-the-art features.

and all

We face challenges, and all the inherent risks.

in like manner

The methodology applies here. In like manner, it can be used in other scenarios as well.

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The 1st fully hydrogen-powered passenger train service is now running in Germany. The only emissions are steam & condensed water, additionally the train operates with a low level of noise. 5 of the trains started running this week. 9 more will be added in the future to replace 15 diesel trains. posted on UpliftingNews

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