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"Because" is a conjunction used to introduce a reason or explanation. It indicates the cause or reason for the preceding statement. Read on for synonym and other words for Because.

Because in a sentence
She was late because the bus broke down.

"Because" 17 synonyms and related terms with examples

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Implies a reason or cause; often used interchangeably with 'because'.

Since you were here early, you can start the meeting.


Used to indicate the reason for something; similar to 'because' but softer.

As it was raining, the event was postponed.

due to

Prepositional phrase indicating the cause; follows a noun or noun phrase.

The match was canceled due to bad weather.

owing to

Synonymous with 'due to'; formal usage indicating the reason.

Owing to his illness, he couldn't attend the ceremony.


Conjunction used to introduce a reason or cause; slightly formal.

We had to stop, for it was getting dark.

in view of

Formal phrase indicating consideration of a specific reason or situation.

In view of recent events, we need to reconsider our strategy.

as a result of

Indicates the outcome prompted by a preceding cause.

The project was delayed as a result of technical issues.

on account of

Phrase used to indicate the reason or cause of something.

The flight was rescheduled on account of bad weather.

seeing that

Colloquial phrase used to explain the reasoning based on observation.

Seeing that he was exhausted, we decided to give him a break.

given that

Used to present a fact as the basis for reasoning.

Given that it's a holiday, the office will be closed.

because of

Directly indicates the cause or reason; used similarly to 'due to'.

The event was canceled because of the storm.

inasmuch as

Formal usage; indicates the extent or degree of the reason.

Inasmuch as you helped, we succeeded.

in light of

Indicates considering new information or developments as the reason.

In light of recent developments, we are changing the policy.


Suggests taking into account a specific reason when explaining a decision.

Considering his expertise, he was the best candidate for the job.

seeing as

Colloquial phrase indicating a reason based on a given situation.

Seeing as we have no other options, we'll proceed with the original plan.

on the grounds that

Phrase indicating an official or formal reason for something.

The request was denied on the grounds that it was unreasonable.

taking into account

Phrase suggesting a consideration of reasons or factors in a decision.

Taking into account their feedback, we revised the proposal.

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After receiving therapy for months i have finally stopped feeling guilty about my mothers death and no longer blame myself for it. But I'd like to thank u/Jamie-Vu for saying these words to me because at that time i really needed it. Never underestimate the power your words have on internet stranger posted on MadeMeSmile
Huge shoutout to Kevin O'Leary: "Definition of the market is speculation. If you are short you know run a new risk that these effective social media vigilantes are going to come after you and squeeze you and its good because it will make a lot of hedge funds think for a second time before shorting." posted on wallstreetbets
Someone else posted my before and after a few months ago the one everyone thought was fake because of the tattoo thing lol but here’s an updated picture of my recovery I’m 19 months clean and I’m finally starting to see the beauty in life again hope this inspires some people much love posted on nextfuckinglevel
Demands for Kushner to Resign Over 'Staggering' Level of 'Depravity' That Put Politics Before Public Health. "Holy hell. Jared Kushner reportedly abandoned a national testing plan because it was *politically advantageous* to sit back and let blue states be eviscerated by the virus." posted on politics
TIL in Lord of War starring Nicholas Cage, they bought 3000 real guns for the filming because it was cheaper to buy real guns and resell later than buying props. They also rented 50 tanks which were only available for a short period because the source had to sell them to Libya later posted on todayilearned
TIL Rome has major struggles with expanding the subway system in the city because diggers keep running into major archaeological finds. The Metro C expansion has been in the works for the past 40 years and has unearthed Hadrian's Athenaeum, a military complex, and an amphitheater . posted on todayilearned
TIL a New Jersey man bought a $5 bottle of orange juice from Shoprite; his wife said it was too expensive and sent him back to return it, because it was on sale for $2.50 elsewhere. He then decided to buy 2 lottery tickets with the cash refunded from the OJ; he won $315.3 million. posted on todayilearned
TIL: Laurence Tureaud named himself professionally as Mr. T because he hated how his father, uncle, and brother who returned from Vietnam, were disrespectfully called "boy" by whites. He wanted the first word from everybody's mouth to be "Mister" when speaking to him. posted on todayilearned
LPT: If you want a smarter kid, teach your child to read as early as possible and instill in them a love for books. Because as soon as they can read, they can teach themselves. And that will be a life-long advantage over their peers who don't have that same ability. posted on LifeProTips
TIL a Georgia teacher who bought a $400 travel insurance policy was rewarded $10,000 because she read the fine print of the contract. After reading to page 7, she saw a “Pays to Read” bit that said the first to email and mention the fine print contest would win 10K. posted on todayilearned

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