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However is used to introduce a statement that contrasts with or seems to contradict something that has been said previously. Read on for synonym and other words for However.

However in a sentence
She wanted to go to the concert; however, she had to work late.

"However" 15 synonyms and related terms with examples

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Used to introduce a contrasting statement that follows logically.

It was raining heavily; nevertheless, they went for a walk.


Similar to 'however,' used to introduce a statement that contrasts with something that has just been said.

The job was difficult; nonetheless, she completed it on time.


Often used to emphasize a point despite a previous statement.

He was exhausted; still, he continued working.


Used to introduce a contrasting statement that is generally surprising.

It was a difficult situation, yet he handled it expertly.

even so

Used to introduce a contradiction or a surprising outcome.

The project was challenging; even so, they managed to finish it.


A very common conjunction used to introduce a contrasting idea.

She wanted to stay, but she had to leave.

on the other hand

Used to present an alternative or a different perspective.

He could join the team; on the other hand, he might prefer working alone.

in contrast

Used to show a significant difference between two ideas or situations.

The weather was sunny and warm. In contrast, the forecast had predicted rain.

despite that

Used to indicate that a particular action occurs regardless of the opposing statement.

It was snowing outside. Despite that, he decided to drive.


Often used to introduce a clause that presents a contrast with the main clause.

He was tired, although he managed to finish the job.

still and all

An informal phrase used to counterbalance an opposing idea.

They were short on time; still and all, they completed the task.

all the same

Used to say that something remains true despite a preceding statement.

He explained everything, all the same, they remained confused.


Similar to 'although,' often used to introduce a contrasting idea.

She was tempted to leave, though she chose to stay.

even though

Emphasizes the contrast between the two clauses.

Even though it was late, they kept working.


A more formal term, used to indicate that something happens despite other considerations.

Notwithstanding the challenges, they completed the project.

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