Another Word For Very important

Very important means extremely significant or of utmost value. It denotes something or someone that holds a crucial role or requires immediate attention and consideration. Read on for synonym and other words for Very important.

Very important in a sentence
It is very important to submit your application before the deadline.

"Very important" 18 synonyms and related terms with examples

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Crucial emphasizes the necessity and urgency of an action or decision.

It's crucial to check your work for errors before submission.


Vital conveys a sense of utmost importance for something essential to life or well-being.

Staying hydrated is vital for your health.


Imperative implies that something is not just important, but commands urgent attention or obedience.

It is imperative to follow the safety protocols at all times.


Paramount suggests that something is superior to all others in importance or priority.

Customer satisfaction is paramount for the success of our business.


Critical often refers to something essential at a decisive or pivotal moment.

His decision played a critical role in the project's success.


Essential highlights something that is absolutely necessary or indispensable.

Proper training is essential for effective performance.


Fundamental refers to something that serves as a necessary base or core for further development.

Understanding the basics is fundamental to mastering any skill.


Indispensable means that something is so important that it's impossible to do without.

Clean water is indispensable for life.


Significant points to something that is notable, worthy of attention, or has a considerable impact.

The experiment yielded significant results.


Pivotal signifies that something is of critical importance, often in changing a situation or outcome.

Her role in the negotiation was pivotal.


Major suggests something of great size, extent, or importance.

The decision had a major impact on the company's direction.


Key indicates something that is central or crucial to achieving a result.

Identifying the problem is key to solving it efficiently.


Influential implies the power to have a significant effect on the development or behavior of someone or something.

His research was highly influential in the field of neuroscience.


Notable means worthy of attention or remarkable, often with an implication of distinction.

The conference hosted several notable speakers.


Substantial refers to something of considerable importance, size, or worth.

They made substantial improvements to the project.


Momentous suggests something of great or far-reaching importance or consequence.

The launch of the new product was a momentous event.


Considerable means notably large in size, amount, or extent, making something significant or important.

She has considerable experience in international law.


Pressing implies something that requires immediate attention and cannot be delayed.

Climate change is a pressing issue that demands immediate action.

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