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Things refer to objects, items, or matters that have physical presence or particular qualities. It is a versatile term used to describe both tangible objects and abstract matters. Read on for synonym and other words for Things.

Things in a sentence
He gathered all his things before moving to the new apartment.

"Things" 13 synonyms and related terms with examples

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Can you help me pack these items into the suitcase?


She arranged the objects on the table meticulously.


Do you need help carrying all that stuff?


Please ensure all your belongings are secured before departure.


The box was filled with various household articles.


The store offers a wide variety of goods.


She took all her possessions with her when she moved out.


The craft store has all the materials you need for your project.


The designer carefully chose each element of the outfit.


Modern devices make our daily tasks easier.


All components must be tested before assembly.


He collected all the necessary paraphernalia for the trip.


All his possessions fit into two large suitcases.

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Australian PM: "Stop hoarding. I can’t be more blunt about it. Stop it. It is not sensible, it is not helpful and it has been one of the most disappointing things I have seen in Australian behaviour in response to this crisis." posted on worldnews
YSK That there is a Youtuber called "Dad, how do I?" that explains everyday things that might need a father-figure to help you with. His Dad walked out on him when he was 12, he makes maintenance vides for people with no Dad. posted on YouShouldKnow
Every insecure bone in my body is telling me not to post this but 8 stone down and still going. Taking action towards better mental health isnt ever easy but has really helped me turn things around. posted on MadeMeSmile
My dad the artist. Going through a midlife crisis after a rough year and divorce, he decided to switch things up with his painting style. I love it. posted on pics
These are Ukrainian refugees after cleaning up a park in Poland as a thank you for hosting them. They're organising these things all over Poland now posted on MadeMeSmile
My Husband is a powerlifter and tends to break things around the house on accident. It's become a running joke. He sent me this today....... posted on funny
On the left: Scene from the first season of Stranger Things, set in 1983. On the right: Me, wearing the exact same shirt in 1983. posted on pics
Because Rhianna and Umbrella are trending tonight I'm legally required to repost one of the best things in America over 20 years posted on nextfuckinglevel
Turns out 2021 is just a bizarre and unprecedented as 2020, except its all good things that keep happening, what are they? posted on AskReddit
My local library has a "library of things" for residents to borrow useful household items like toolkits and power washers posted on mildlyinteresting

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