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Successful means having achieved fame, wealth, or social status, or having achieved a desired outcome or goal. Read on for synonym and other words for Successful.

Successful in a sentence
The entrepreneur was successful in launching her new business.

"Successful" 33 synonyms and related terms with examples

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The prosperous community invested heavily in education.


Their company is thriving in the competitive market.


The artist's career is flourishing.


The victorious team celebrated their win.


She is an accomplished musician.


He achieved his dreams of becoming a doctor.


The triumphant athlete waved to the crowd.


Their collaboration proved to be very fruitful.


She was fortunate to have found a great mentor.


They did an outstanding job on the project.


She was the prevailing candidate in the election.


His speech was very effective in conveying the message.


The new software is highly efficient.


They had a very productive meeting.


They signed a lucrative contract with a new client.


Her performance was superior compared to her peers.


He is a prominent figure in the tech industry.


She made notable contributions to the research.


He is a renowned author.


They have a distinguished career in law.


She's a leading expert in the field.


He graduated at the top of his class.


They attended the premier university for technology.


Their team is a formidable opponent.


She is adept at solving complex problems.


He is proficient in several programming languages.


The skillful negotiator reached a satisfactory agreement.


She is a competent project manager.


They came up with a brilliant idea.


He is an esteemed member of the community.


She is an eminent scientist.


The celebrated chef opened a new restaurant.


Her career is blossoming at the company.

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Examples of successful on Reddit

"Successful" is used in real world conversations right now:

TIL that a woman who successfully underwent a lung transplant went into anaphylactic shock after eating peanut butter. Prior to her transplant she never had problems eating peanuts. She learned the 12 yr.old who had donated the lungs had had a peanut allergy, and had died from an anaphylactic shock. posted on todayilearned
TIL the most successful Nazi interrogator in world war 2 never physically harmed an enemy soldier, but treated them all with respect and kindness, taking them for walks, letting them visit their comrades in the hospital, even letting one captured pilot test fly a plane. Virtually everybody talked. posted on todayilearned
TIL that the Sony PlayStation was never meant to be a product. It was intended to be a new console that would play exclusively Nintendo games on CDs. Instead Nintendo backed out of the deal at the last minute. Sony went ahead and launched what would become the most successful console of all time. posted on todayilearned
TIL that Joss Whedon wrote the Buffy episode "Hush" after hearing people say that the show was only successful because of the dialogue. Hush, with only 17 minutes of dialogue, became the only episode nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Writing and is considered to be one of the show's greatest. posted on todayilearned
TIL That when Crystal Pepsi was released, Coca-Cola released a competitor called Tab Clear, however Tab Clear was intentionally marketed poorly in order to hurt Crystal Pepsi's image by product association. The "born to die" strategy was successful and both campaigns were dead 6 months later. posted on todayilearned
This guy cleaned up an entire park by himself! He went hiking every day for 103 days, filling up his bucket to the brink every single tour. The exception was the last day, where he failed to fill up even half his bucket with trash, meaning he had successfully cleaned up the entire park! posted on nextfuckinglevel
TIL Scientists in China have successfully grown tooth enamel which paves the way to replace fillings & crowns. A chemical mixture applied to whole human teeth created an enamel layer 2.7 micrometers thick within 48 hours. (Calcium & phosphate ions with triethylamine in alcohol). posted on todayilearned
The first severe COVID-19 patient successfully treated with human recombinant soluble ACE2 (hrsACE2), with disappearance of coronavirus swiftly from the serum, nasal cavity and lungs, and a reduction of inflammatory cytokine levels, leading to a significant clinical improvement. posted on science
TIL about environmental activist Julia “Butterfly” Hill who lived in a 1500 year old California redwood tree (known as Luna) 180 feet (55 mm) off the ground for 738 days in order to prevent it from being chopped down by Pacific Lumber Company. She successfully saved the tree. posted on todayilearned
TIL that four high-school students in the ‘70s are the reason we no longer have pay toilets in America. They created an organization called CEPTIA, and were able to successfully lobby against the issue. 8 years later, pay toilets were all but nonexistent throughout the US. posted on todayilearned

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