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Shared means used or experienced jointly with another or others, or having a portion out of a whole distributed among multiple people or entities. Read on for synonym and other words for Shared.

Shared in a sentence
We shared the responsibilities equally among all team members.

"Shared" 27 synonyms and related terms with examples

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Involving two or more parties together.

They operated a joint venture together.


Belonging to or shared by all members of a community.

They found common ground during their discussions.


Experienced or done by each of two or more parties towards the other.

Their mutual respect was evident in their collaboration.


Produced or conducted by people working together.

The report was the result of a collaborative effort.


Done by people acting as a group.

The collective opinion was in favor of the proposal.


Given, felt, or done in return.

They had reciprocal agreements in place to support one another.


Spread out or shared across multiple people or locations.

The distributed workload made the project manageable.


Used or enjoyed by all members of a community.

The communal garden was a source of pride for the neighborhood.


Separated into parts or pieces.

They divided the chores evenly.


Combining resources for a common purpose.

They pooled their resources to buy the equipment.


Combined or united in activity or purpose.

They planned a conjoint strategy to launch the new product.


Consumed or experienced together.

The tasks were partaken by all members.


Formed or united into a whole.

They presented a unified front.


Allowing or encouraging everyone to participate.

The process was quite participative, involving every team member.


Involving mutual assistance in working towards a common goal.

A cooperative effort can lead to greater success.


Mutually reliant on each other.

Their interdependent relationship benefited both sides.


Put together or merged to form a single entity or effect.

They combined their strengths to tackle the problem.


Occurring or done at the same time.

The two departments worked on concurrent projects.


Playing a part in bringing about a result.

Each person had a contributory role in the outcome.

shared responsibility

The state of having responsibilities divided among multiple people.

Shared responsibility led to a more effective outcome.


To go along with or be together with.

His success was accompanied by hard work.


Consisting of two parts, elements, or aspects.

They shared a dual purpose in their efforts.


Being brought into or in coordination with.

The shared calendars were synced to prevent scheduling conflicts.


Combined or amalgamated.

Their ideas merged seamlessly during the discussion.


Including everything or everyone; comprehensive.

The inclusive event welcomed people from all walks of life.


Joined together with one or more parties.

The co-joint proposal was accepted unanimously.


Occurring at the same time or done simultaneously.

Their concurrent schedules resulted in an efficient workflow.

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