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Positive means having an optimistic outlook, confident in what is ahead, or affirming something to be true. Read on for synonym and other words for Positive.

Positive in a sentence
Her positive attitude helped her overcome many challenges.

"Positive" 30 synonyms and related terms with examples

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He is an optimistic person who always sees the glass as half full.


She remains hopeful that everything will turn out well.


He feels confident about his chances of success.


She has an upbeat personality that everyone admires.


Despite the setbacks, his buoyant mood never wavered.


Her cheerful smile brightens up the room.


Being happy in life is more important than being rich.


His words were very encouraging during the difficult times.


The affirmative answer gave everyone joy.


She always provides constructive feedback.


The future looks promising for the new graduates.


He gave her an assured nod, indicating his support.


He is sanguine about the future of the company.


The children were gleeful at the sight of the candy.


She has a radiant smile that lights up the room.


The lively music lifted everyone's spirits.


The team was jubilant after their victory.


Her ebullient nature makes her the life of the party.


His effervescent personality is infectious.


She had a blissful look on her face on her wedding day.


His sunny disposition made him very popular.


She was gracious in accepting the compliment.


They chose an auspicious day for their wedding.


He felt fortunate to have such supportive friends.


It was heartening to see such a large crowd at the event.


Her perky attitude was contagious.


He was amiable and easy to talk to.


Her genial nature made her a beloved teacher.


She was grateful for all the support she received.


The city's vibrant culture attracted many tourists.

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Examples of positive on Reddit

"Positive" is used in real world conversations right now:

LPT: Strict parents can turn their kids into more effective liars because children who are afraid to tell the truth learn more deceptive behaviors to avoid getting in trouble. Set reasonable rules and expectations for your child, Reward positive behavior and Accept mistakes as a chance for learning. posted on LifeProTips
LPT: Know you're about to get fired? Then for heaven's sake don't throw your resignation in first in one last show of defiance. The meeting where they let you go is your chance to extract a great severance package and positive references. Employers want a clean departure—don't make their life easy. posted on LifeProTips
Man Who Called COVID a ‘Hoax’ Feels Guilty After He and 13 Family Members Test Positive — and 2 Die: "The feeling that I have is kind of like what, I would say, a drunk driver would have if they killed their family," says Tony Green, who hosted the family gathering that led to their infections. posted on Coronavirus
Two thirds of New Zealanders believed there were ‘silver linings’ to the country’s COVID-19 lockdown last year, positive experiences such as pride in the country’s response, more free time to exercise and take up hobbies, flexibility working from home, and reduced time spent commuting. posted on science
TIL when Charlie Sheen came out as HIV positive, it led to a 95 percent increase in over the counter HIV home testing kits and 2.75 million searches on the topic, dubbed "The Charlie Sheen Effect." Some said that Sheen did more for awareness of HIV than most UN events. posted on todayilearned
TIL that Schizophrenia's hallucinations are shaped by culture. Americans with schizophrenia tend to have more paranoid and harsher voices/hallucinations. In India and Africa people with schizophrenia tend to have more playful and positive voices posted on todayilearned
Every year I fall victim to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). This year I started taking my neighbors dog for walks, and his joy for life has kept me positive through the long winter. posted on aww
If they made a show called "White Mirror" that was about all the positive aspects of the human/technology relationship, what would be the plot of certain episodes? posted on AskReddit
Being home quarantined allowed my wife and I to witness our son’s first steps! Have to try and find the silver lining in everything. Stay positive everyone! posted on aww
TIL that dogs intentionally try to make humans laugh. They understand that laughter means play, and play is positive. posted on todayilearned

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