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A portfolio is a collection of works or documents that are representative of a person's skills and accomplishments. It can be used in various professional contexts, such as art, finance, and business. Read on for synonym and other words for Portfolio.

Portfolio in a sentence
She presented her design portfolio during the job interview to showcase her best projects.

"Portfolio" 29 synonyms and related terms with examples

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He has an impressive collection of vintage cars


The compilation of his articles was published last year


A careful selection of artworks was on display at the gallery


Her legal file was reviewed by the judge


The detective compiled a dossier on the suspect


She kept all her important documents in a folder


The company's archive contains records dating back to its founding


An assortment of chocolates was given as a gift


A wide range of books is available at the library


An impressive array of talents was present at the audition


The mathematician worked on a new set of equations


He read an anthology of modern poetry


The photographer's album was full of stunning landscapes


Her photo gallery exhibited images from her travels around the world


The museum's catalog listed all the artifacts on display


The store manager checked the inventory to see what items needed restocking


The meeting's agenda was distributed to all participants


The accountant updated the financial ledger daily


A record of all transactions was kept for auditing purposes


Names of all attendees were written in the guest register


She kept a diary of her daily activities and thoughts


The ship's log recorded details of the voyage


A scientific journal published his latest research


The cargo manifest listed all items on board the ship


Her online profile was updated with the recent work experience


The police report provided details of the incident


The writer's compilation of short stories was a hit among readers


The baker's assortment of pastries was a treat for the eyes


A fine selection of wines was available at the dinner

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Examples of portfolio on Reddit

"Portfolio" is used in real world conversations right now:

Police: Man who 'did not want to freeze' breaks into temple in Provo, faces felony charge. The Mormon church has 100 billion just in their stock portfolio. Yet they don’t build homeless shelters. They build malls instead & have the homeless arrested for seeking refuge in their temples. #MormonValues posted on atheism
A new filing with the U.S. SEC shows the Mormon church's investment fund made money in 2020. The fund, called Ensign Peak Advisors, grew by $6.2 billion. Loud & clear: if your church has a stock portfolio worth over 100 billion (yes, with a B), it's a business parading as a church to avoid taxes. posted on atheism
Lawmakers with stock holdings vote in ways that juice their portfolios – Members of Congress who hold stocks in firms who benefit from financial deregulation are more likely to vote for deregulation. The same patterns apply to owning financial and automotive stocks, and exposure to equities markets. posted on science
The Mormon Church recently announced that they are increasing the cost of serving a 2 year mission to $12,000 starting in 2020. You'd think that a church that has 32 billion in it's stock portfolio wouldn't charge teenagers to volunteer for 2 years. Cults never miss an opportunity to make a buck. posted on atheism
The world’s most profitable hedge fund is now a climate radical. With $30 billion in assets, its money manager pushes portfolio companies to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and disclose their carbon footprint. If they don’t, he says he’ll oust their boards or dump their shares. posted on Futurology
This Sunday’s edition of “60 Minutes” will lead off with a report about the finances of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and will feature an on-camera interview with a former senior portfolio manager who turned whistleblower. posted on television
Congressional Stock Trading Should Be Banned. Period. | Americans shouldn't have to be concerned about members of Congress being more focused on their stock portfolio than on the country's problems and their constituents' best interests. posted on politics
LPT: If you receive great service from an organization, consider sending written appreciation to the representative who assisted you. It can go a long way toward his/her professional development and look better in their portfolio. posted on LifeProTips
Grandmother gave my brother and me an equal share portfolio each when we were kids. Brother sold his when they were worth a car. I left mine in and now they're a substantial amount. Brother and his girlfriend want my half now. posted on BestofRedditorUpdates
DeSantis and other prominent Republicans blame 'woke' politics for Silicon Valley Bank's collapse instead of bankers miscalibrating risk and building a portfolio that a rate hike would annihilate posted on politics

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