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People refers to human beings as a collective group. It encompasses all individuals within a society or community. Read on for synonym and other words for People.

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The event is expected to draw hundreds of people from different regions.

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Humans have always sought to understand their place in the universe.


Individuals have different ways of expressing themselves.


Many persons attended the town hall meeting.


Folks from all walks of life joined the celebration.


Persons affected by the storm are receiving aid.


All beings possess the right to freedom and safety.


Thousands of souls perished in the disaster.


Mankind has made significant advances in medicine.


Humanity strives to create a better future.


As citizens, we have a duty to participate in democracy.


The denizens of the village worked together to rebuild.


Many inhabitants of the island were displaced by the storm.


The natives of the region have a rich cultural heritage.


Residents of the building were evacuated safely.


The occupants of the house were unharmed.


The entire populace supported the new policy.


Members of the community gathered for the meeting.


A large crowd had gathered at the concert venue.


The public has the right to access information.


Many aspects of our society have evolved over time.


The leader spoke directly to the masses.


A multitude of spectators cheered loudly.


The congregation gathered for Sunday service.


The gathering at the park was in full swing.


The assembly voted unanimously to pass the resolution.


A group of tourists visited the museum.


A faction within the party opposed the new policy.


The tribe's traditions have been passed down for generations.


The clan gathered for their annual reunion.

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CLASS ACTION AGAINST ROBINHOOD. Allowing people to only sell is the definition of market manipulation. A class action must be started, Robinhood has made plenty of money off selling info about our trades to the hedge funds to be able to pay out a little for causing people to loose money now posted on wallstreetbets
After 50 years my family is moving out of my child-hood home this month. In the early 90's, McDonald's were giving away pine tree seedlings for Earth Day for people to plant in happy meals. I remember holding it in the palm of my hand so here's what it looks like today after 30 years... posted on interestingasfuck
When cast in "Big Fat Liar", John Cho was asked to do his role with an accent. He turned down the part, saying he didn't want young people thinking it was okay to laugh at someone's accent. In Cho's entire career, he has not once played a character with a fake accent posted on movies
TIL before any details of Pixar’s ‘Soul’ were public, a Black chauffeur told Kemp Powers (the film’s co-writer & co-director) that he knew Pixar was making a Black movie because he had never driven so many Black people to Pixar before. posted on todayilearned
2-3 times a week, I collect syringes from my balcony. This is how my super old neighbor is trying to get me evicted, as she believes that my roommate and I are gay, and she thinks all gay people are drug addicts. posted on mildlyinfuriating
TIL that there was a rumor that Stephen Hawking would deliberately run over the toes of people he didn’t like. He denied this rumor by stating it was “A Malicious rumor” and “I’ll run over anyone who repeats it”. posted on todayilearned
TIL that Billy Joel never sells front row seats in order to see the real fans right in front of him. He gives them away to random people in the cheap seats so that front row isn't always just wealthy people. posted on todayilearned
Right after Ricky Gervais talks about how the Hollywood Foreign Press is racist and doesn't include people of color the cameraman zooms out to show just how few people of color were invited to this event posted on PraiseTheCameraMan
More than a quarter of a million people have signed a petition calling for Sydney's New Year's Eve fireworks to be cancelled and the money spent on fighting fires that threaten the city. posted on worldnews
Remember when Satoru Iwata cut his salary by 50% for 5 months due to the commercial failure of the Wii U, instead of firing people...these companies should take note. posted on gaming

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The longest word in English is "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis," a type of lung disease caused by inhaling very fine ash and sand dust.

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