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Multifaceted means 'having many facets or dimensions,' often used to describe someone or something with a variety of aspects, abilities, or roles. Read on for synonym and other words for Multifaceted.

Multifaceted in a sentence
Jane is a multifaceted artist, proficient in painting, sculpting, and digital art.

"Multifaceted" 29 synonyms and related terms with examples

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Able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.

The Swiss Army knife is a versatile tool, useful for many different tasks.


Consisting of many different and connected parts.

The plot of the movie was incredibly complex, weaving together multiple storylines.


Showing a great deal of variety; very different.

The company's workforce is quite diverse, with employees from various cultural backgrounds.


Having or involving several dimensions or aspects.

A multidimensional approach to solving the problem ensures all angles are considered.


Occurring in or having many different forms.

The subject exhibited polymorphic behavior under different conditions.


Tending or able to change frequently or easily.

She has a protean talent, able to write, sing, and dance with equal skill.


Many and various.

The consequences of the decision were manifold, affecting many different areas.


Incorporating a number of different types or elements; showing variation or variety.

His diet is quite varied, including a wide range of foods.


Having a lot of something of quality, often used in the context of variety or diversity.

The ecosystem in the rainforest is rich with many species of plants and animals.


Involving many careful details or many detailed and intricate elements.

The elaborate design of the cathedral drew the admiration of many visitors.


Having a refined knowledge of complex and nuanced subjects.

Her argument was sophisticated, demonstrating a deep understanding of the issues.


Very complicated or detailed.

The intricate pattern of the fabric was created by skilled artisans.


Having or fulfilling multiple functions.

The device is multifunctional, combining a phone, a camera, and a GPS in one.


Including or covering everything or everyone; comprehensive.

Their strategy was all-encompassing, considering every possible outcome.


Complete and including everything that is necessary.

We need a comprehensive plan that addresses all potential problems and solutions.


Crossing over or linking in a variety of ways.

Intersecting interests between different groups can lead to collaboration.


Relating to or concerned with complete systems rather than with individual parts.

A holistic approach to healthcare considers the whole person, not just symptoms.


Consisting of many interconnecting parts or elements; intricate.

The complicated machinery needs regular maintenance to ensure it runs smoothly.


Many and of various types.

The multifarious activities at the festival attract people of all ages.


Easily influenced or flexible in changing circumstances.

Her ideas are pliant, easily adapting to changing situations.


Able to adjust to new conditions or circumstances.

An adaptable player, he can take on many different roles within the team.


Able to handle situations with creativity and ingenuity.

She is a resourceful problem-solver, always finding new ways to tackle issues.


Clever, original, and inventive.

Her ingenious solution to the problem saved the company time and money.


Featuring new methods; advanced and original.

The innovative design of the product revolutionized the industry.


A large number or wide variety of something.

The project required a multiplicity of skills, from technical know-how to creative thinking.


Made up of various distinct parts or elements.

A composite material, made from carbon fiber and resin, is both strong and lightweight.


Unclear, vague, or ill-defined.

His ideas were nebulous, lacking clear direction and definition.


Relating to or involving the combination of different things.

The combinatory skills of the team led to an effective and creative solution.


Exhibiting different colors, especially as irregular patches or streaks.

The garden was filled with variegated plants, showing many colors and patterns.

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