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Like means to find something agreeable or enjoyable; to feel attraction toward someone or something. The word 'like' is derived from Old English 'lician'. Read on for synonym and other words for Like.

Like in a sentence
I really like the new Italian restaurant downtown.

"Like" 17 synonyms and related terms with examples

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Often used to express a higher degree of satisfaction or pleasure compared to 'like.'

I enjoy reading mystery novels in my free time.


Indicates a very strong emotion, much more intense than 'like.'

She loves spending time with her grandmother.


Used to express recognition of the value of something, often with a focus on gratitude.

I appreciate the effort you have put into this project.


Implies favoring one option over another, more specific than 'like.'

I prefer tea over coffee in the mornings.


Expresses a very strong liking, often with elements of affection and admiration.

The little girl adores her pet puppy.


Implies a tendency to like one thing more than others.

He tends to favor Italian cuisine over others.


Expresses a high level of enjoyment or satisfaction, often with enthusiasm.

She relishes the opportunity to travel.


Conveys respect and approval, often linked with liking someone or something.

I strongly admire your dedication to charity work.

delight in

Indicates deriving a great deal of pleasure from a particular thing or activity.

He delights in the vibrant colors of the garden.

take pleasure in

Implies finding joy or satisfaction in an activity.

She takes pleasure in painting landscapes.


Often used in British English to express a desire or liking for something.

She fancies going out for dinner tonight.

fond of

Indicates a strong liking, often with a sense of affection or preference.

He is fond of classical music.

have a taste for

Implies having a particular liking or appetite for a specific type of activity or thing.

He has a taste for adventure sports.

be into

Informal way of expressing strong interest or enthusiasm for something.

She's really into photography these days.

incline towards

Indicates a natural tendency or preference for something.

She inclines towards modern art.

take a shine to

Informal expression meaning to develop a liking for someone or something quickly.

He suddenly took a shine to playing the piano.


A casual way to express a liking or desire for something, often temporary.

She fancies a cup of tea in the afternoon.

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