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Lead means 'to guide or direct in a course,' 'to be in charge or command of,' or 'to go through or live (a particular way of life).' Read on for synonym and other words for Lead.

Lead in a sentence
She will lead the team during the upcoming project.

"Lead" 30 synonyms and related terms with examples

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To show the way to others, often by going in advance.

He guided them through the maze to safety.


To manage or govern the actions of a group or individual.

The conductor directs the orchestra.


To control the direction or course of an activity or conversation.

She steered the conversation towards more light-hearted topics.


To have authority or control over; to give orders authoritatively.

She commands the respect of her peers.


To navigate or guide, especially through challenging conditions.

He piloted the ship through the stormy seas.


To lead or be in charge of, usually referring to a group or vessel.

He captained the team to victory.


To be the leader or chief of a group or organization.

She heads the research department.


To oversee and manage the work or actions of others.

She supervises the entire project, ensuring everything runs smoothly.


To supervise and ensure that activities are carried out correctly.

He was assigned to oversee the construction project.


To direct the course or action of something, often formally.

She conducted the meeting efficiently.


To control, regulate, or oversee the management of something.

The committee governs the organization.


To be in charge of the operation or functioning of something.

He manages a team of software developers.


To manage or oversee the operation of something.

She administers the company's annual budget.


To be responsible for the management or arrangement of something.

He superintends the educational programs at the school.


To manage or control a situation or activity.

She handles marketing for the company.


To be the leader or chairperson at a meeting or event.

He presides over the board of directors' meetings.


To arrange or assemble in proper order; to lead a group towards a common goal.

She marshaled the resources for the relief effort.


To arrange systematically; to manage or structure activities or events.

He organized the event with great precision.


To act as a supreme ruler or leader, often with significant power.

He acted as an overlord overseeing the feudal estate.


To provide direction or assistance to others.

She acted as a guide for the tourists.


To guide or direct a group of people in a careful or protective manner.

He shepherded the crowd safely out of the building.


To motivate, control, or push forward.

She drives the team to reach their goals.


To have an effect on the behavior or opinions of others.

Her speech influenced many to support the cause.


To provide a reason or incentive to do something.

He motivates his students to excel.


To stimulate or encourage someone to achieve or display a particular behavior.

Her leadership inspired many to take action.


To lead or initiate a project or movement.

He spearheaded the new marketing campaign.


To support or defend a cause or individual leadership.

She championed the rights of the underprivileged.


To act as a guiding principle or goal.

Her words served as a guidepost for future actions.


To be in the highest position of authority or leadership.

As the chief of the tribe, he led with wisdom.


To exercise authority or restraint over something or someone.

He controlled the operations with precision.

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