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Large means 'of considerable or relatively great size, extent, or capacity.' It implies that something exceeds the usual or expected dimensions. Read on for synonym and other words for Large.

Large in a sentence
The company moved to a large office to accommodate its growing workforce.

"Large" 33 synonyms and related terms with examples

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Commonly used in informal language to describe considerable size.

They live in a big house on the hill.


Very large; immense.

The huge tree shaded the entire yard.


Exceedingly large; more than needs or expectations.

The cake was enormous and could feed fifty people.


Superbly large, usually implying awe or admiration.

We were greeted by an immense crowd at the concert.


Exceptionally large and heavy.

They constructed a massive bridge over the river.


Extremely large and monumental.

The gigantic wave crashed against the shore.


Of an astonishing or impressive size.

A colossal statue stood in the middle of the town.


Of very great extent or quantity.

They own vast stretches of farmland.


Very large in scale or intensity.

He made a tremendous effort to finish the marathon.


Extremely large and often intimidating.

The monstrous ship dwarfed all other vessels in the harbor.


Large and cumbersome.

The bulky package was hard to carry up the stairs.


Imposing in size or appearance.

They designed a grand new building for the university.


Covering a wide area or scope.

The expansive view from the mountain top was breathtaking.


Wide in extent or scope.

The river was broad and deep.


Ample in size; having a lot of free space.

Their new apartment is incredibly spacious.


More than enough in terms of size or capacity.

There was ample room for the new furniture.


Extremely large, often relating to the poles.

The polar expanse was intimidating in its size.


Huge, very large, often remarkably so.

The mammoth project took years to complete.


Astonishingly great in size.

They faced stupendous challenges during their expedition.


Impressively large or great.

The prodigious mountain ranges took their breath away.


Having immense power or size.

The titanic iceberg towered above the ship.


Enormously large, often in a fascinating way.

They served a gargantuan feast during the festival.


Exceptionally large and impressive.

The monumental building was a sight to behold.


Extremely tall and imposing.

The towering skyscrapers marked the city's skyline.


Very great in size.

They explored the vast desert for days.


Having no boundaries; very large.

They felt boundless energy at the start of their journey.


Resembling or suitable for a palace; large and luxurious.

The palatial home had more rooms than they could count.


Covering a wide area or scope.

The library's comprehensive collection included thousands of volumes.


Fairly large in size or amount.

The company made a sizable profit last year.


Able to hold a lot; spacious.

The capacious warehouse stored all the goods.


Large in volume or size.

He wrote a voluminous report.


Very great in size or extent.

They traversed the vast jungle.


Extending over a large area or scope.

The investigation was wide-ranging.

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TIL In Alaska, plants can grow freakishly large due to the 20 hours of sunshine they receive per day - which gives them a photosynthesis bonus. Examples include 138 lb cabbage, 65 lb cantaloupe, & 35 lb broccoli. A noted side effect is that the produce is also much sweeter due to the extra sunlight. posted on todayilearned
Kanล Jigoro, the legendary founder of Judo. Despite being a smaller man, he could toss large men with ease, but only after persistent studying and practice. On his death bed, he asked that he be buried in a white belt instead of a black belt. He wanted to be remembered as a learner, not a master. posted on interestingasfuck
TIL Dennis Ritchie who invented the C programming language, co-created the Unix operating system, and is largely regarded as influencing a part of effectively every software system we use on a daily basis died 1 week after Steve Jobs. Due to this, his death was largely overshadowed and ignored. posted on todayilearned
In 2012, the Obama administration required airlines to show all mandatory fees and taxes in their advertised fares to consumers upfront. This was a massive win for consumers, as airlines were no longer able to pass a large share of the taxes onto consumers. Airlines subsequently lost revenue. posted on science
TIL Chinese American Tyrus Wong was the lead artist for Disney's Bambi. His background paintings for Bambi were inspired by Song dynasty classical Chinese paintings. He was fired from Disney studio due to a strike and his full contribution to the film was largely unknown for several decades posted on todayilearned
In First Speech as Budget Chair, Sanders Rebuffs 'Partisanship' Complaints From GOP That Unilaterally Passed $1.9T Gift for Rich | "Eighty-three percent of the benefits of the Trump tax plan went to the 1% and large corporations... There was not one Democrat that voted for that bill." posted on politics
TIL in 1746, a Swedish king tried to prove coffee was unhealthy by having one man drink large amounts of coffee and his identical twin drink the same amount of tea everyday for the rest of their lives. Both twins outlived the doctors in charge of the experiment and the king himself. posted on todayilearned
Large firms will have to publish and justify their chief executives' salaries and reveal the gap to their average workers under proposed new laws. UK listed companies with over 250 staff will have to annually disclose and explain the so-called "pay ratios" in their organisation. posted on worldnews
Watch: In Fiery Floor Speech, Sanders Rips GOP for Relentless Efforts to 'Punish' Poor People โ€” "Meanwhile, these very same folks had no problem a couple years ago voting for a trillion dollars in tax breaks for billionaires and large profitable corporations. Not a problem." posted on politics
Large Electric Eels can deliver up to 860 volts of electricity. This is usually enough to deter most animals from trying to eat it, but when this Alligator attacks one, it is unable to release it due to the shock. Eventually killing the eel and itself in the process. posted on Damnthatsinteresting

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