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"In addition" is a phrase used to introduce an extra point or context to what has previously been mentioned. It implies that more information is being provided that is relevant to the situation or argument. Read on for synonym and other words for In addition.

In addition in a sentence
She has a degree in biology. In addition, she has experience working in a lab.

"In addition" 26 synonyms and related terms with examples

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Used to introduce information that adds another point to a statement.

Moreover, the project's timeline was extended by two weeks.


Used to add extra information in support of what has been mentioned.

He was late to the meeting. Additionally, he forgot the reports.


Used to add a point to what has been previously said, often to strengthen the argument.

The experiment was a success. Furthermore, the results led to new discoveries.


Indicates that a statement is equally true in addition to a previous statement.

She enjoys painting. Also, she plays the piano.


Used to mention another item connected with the subject.

Besides being a good student, she is also a talented athlete.

as well

Used to add something to the information given.

We need to prepare the room. As well, we should arrange the refreshments.


Draws a parallel or adds something similar to what has been mentioned.

The committee agreed. Likewise, the board members supported the proposal.

to boot

Used informally to introduce an additional point, often implying a benefit or detriment.

He’s charming and witty, and wealthy to boot.

on top of that

Used frequently in conversation to add emphasis to an additional point.

She worked late hours. On top of that, she had to attend early meetings.

inclusive of

Indicates that something is included as part of something else.

The hotel rate is $150 per night, inclusive of breakfast.


Used to connect words, phrases, or clauses representing additional items.

She loves gardening and painting.

as well as

Connects two items or actions equally as true or important.

He speaks French as well as Spanish.


Adds emphasis that something is also true or applicable.

She likes reading. Her brother does, too.

in conjunction with

Indicates something is used or occurs together with something else.

The medication was used in conjunction with therapy.

not to mention

Introduces additional information that supports the previous statement, often implying importance.

He is an expert writer, not to mention an accomplished musician.

along with

Adds something to the main focus or activity.

Along with his studies, he volunteers at a local shelter.

apart from

Adds something in addition to or aside from what has been mentioned.

Apart from her musical talent, she is very good at math.


Indicates that something is part of the whole.

There are many factors, including time and cost, to consider.


Adds to what has already been mentioned, emphasizing continuation.

The project requires additional funding. Further, it needs more staff.


Shows that two statements are balanced in importance or truth.

Equally, young professionals are seeking more flexible job options.

as a bonus

Adds additional positive information to what has been previously mentioned.

He completed the project ahead of schedule, and as a bonus, he found extra resources.

what's more

Introduces information that adds significance or weight to what was previously said.

The new policy will reduce costs. What's more, it will improve efficiency.

more than that

Provides information that goes beyond what has been stated to add depth.

He not only scored the winning goal, but more than that, he inspired his team.


Shows that something is done or happens along with another activity.

She was working on her thesis alongside her part-time job.


Used to introduce additional points that support or intensify the previous statement.

The service is expensive. Moreover, it is unreliable.

in parallel with

Indicates simultaneous actions or processes that complement each other.

In parallel with her business studies, she is learning Spanish.

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Cats learn the names of their friend cats in their daily lives. In a new study, scientists discovered that in addition to knowing their own names, cats also appear to recognize the names of other cats they're familiar with, and may also know the names of people who live in the same household. posted on science
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Plastic correction in a boy with Crouzon's Syndrome - a disease accompanied by progressive deformities of the facial and cerebral parts of the skull. In addition to the visible aesthetic effect, the boy showed improvement in breathing, vision and hearing. posted on interestingasfuck
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