Another Word For Happy

Happy means feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. It is often used to describe a person's emotional state, where they experience joy, satisfaction, or cheerfulness. Read on for synonym and other words for Happy.

Happy in a sentence
She felt happy when she received her promotion.

"Happy" 13 synonyms and related terms with examples

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The children were joyful during the holiday season.


He was content with his life as it was.


She was delighted by the surprise party her friends threw for her.


His cheerful attitude brightened up the entire room.


She was elated after winning the first prize in the competition.


He was pleased with the progress he had made on his project.


The team was overjoyed by their victory.


They were ecstatic to hear the news of their engagement.


Her radiant smile lit up the entire event.


The fans were jubilant after their team won the championship.


He was in a buoyant mood after receiving the good news.


They had a merry time at the festival.


She was glad to see her old friends at the reunion.

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Examples of happy on Reddit

"Happy" is used in real world conversations right now:

After 50 years my family is moving out of my child-hood home this month. In the early 90's, McDonald's were giving away pine tree seedlings for Earth Day for people to plant in happy meals. I remember holding it in the palm of my hand so here's what it looks like today after 30 years... posted on interestingasfuck
I gave the local homeless musician, who was borrowing guitars to busk on the street, my old first acoustic guitar after upgrading. He's so happy now that he can play whenever he wants, and i honestly hope i made a difference in my community. posted on pics
(Update)I posted a video about 2 weeks ago about two ducks. who have chosen my dad‘s pond to nest and raise their ducklings over the last two years. You’ll be happy to know that there are now seven happy healthy ducklings posted on aww
My wife looves giraffes, so when we first started dating, I took her to her first close up experience with one. This is still one of my favorite photos of her - it was pure bliss, followed by buckets of happy tears. posted on aww
Hello, Reddit! My daughter posted a few of my paintings in here and I was so happy with all the comments I decided to create a profile! Hope my paintings brings you as much joy as it does to me. posted on pics
Our cat went missing a year ago. Me and my wife found him while on a bike ride. As soon as he heard my voice he came running crying and now my entire year has been made! So unbelievably happy! posted on aww
Spent 10 minutes snapping pics of my wife so she could have 'the perfect sexy Instagram photo.' When she was finally happy I asked her to return the favour. We got this beauty in one take. posted on funny
Starting 2020 with a perfectly timed “I am Iron Man” with Sydney fireworks in the background. Jeez I’m so f*cking happy I pulled this off, pls watch it. Happy New Year from Sydney! posted on marvelstudios
My cat learned that the alarm sound means I wake up, and she snuggles on my chest right after. I've been setting my alarm 30 minutes early every day to give her more happy time. posted on aww
I'm the type of guy who never wanted cats, but I promised my girlfriend she'd get one if she moved to my town... I'm happy she kept me on my promise. Meet Goku, my buddy posted on aww

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