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Fun refers to activities or experiences that provide amusement, enjoyment, or entertainment and are typically light-hearted and pleasurable. Read on for synonym and other words for Fun.

Fun in a sentence
We had so much fun at the amusement park today.

"Fun" 29 synonyms and related terms with examples

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The children's enjoyment was evident at the birthday party.


The clown provided great amusement to the kids.


The concert was a great source of entertainment.


Reading books is one of her greatest pleasures.


The surprise party was a complete delight.


The holidays are filled with merriment and cheer.


She couldn't hide her glee when she opened her presents.


The comedian's performance was pure hilarity.


Hiking is a preferred form of recreation for many people.


The jollity of the gathering was infectious.


The festivity of the New Year's celebration was remarkable.


The crowd erupted in jubilation when their team won.


The holiday season is full of cheer and goodwill.


The play was filled with scenes that brought much laughter.


Their vacation was a time of perfect bliss.


The party was filled with a spirit of levity.


They were exhausted after a night of revelry.


The story brought a lot of mirth to the room.


She felt a rush of exhilaration on the rollercoaster.


The children had a frolic in the park.


Exploring the forest was a great adventure.


There was a certain heftiness to the party's mood.


The trip were filled with zest and excitement.


Her cheerfulness was contagious.


His jocularity made him the life of the party.


Her vivacity illuminated the event.


Her perkiness made her very charming.


The snappiness of their banter was entertaining.


They were always full of jest and laughter.

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Examples of fun on Reddit

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This is Tom and he’s 7 years old. One day he told his schoolmates that his uncle was Superman. The other kids made fun of him and no one believed him. Then his mother made a call, and she asked her brother-in-law to take him to school one day. And Henry Cavill, of course, was delighted to do so. posted on MadeMeSmile
TIL Seth Putnam, lead singer of the grindcore band Anal Cunt, wrote a song making fun of comatose people called ‘You’re in a Coma’. Putnam himself was in a coma years later, and after waking remarked that “being in a coma was just as fuckin’ stupid as I wrote it was”. posted on todayilearned
A Child in Tennessee got made fun of for his homemade University of Tennessee tee, so UT made it their official shirt! The entire band is wearing it and they sold 16,000 shirts! To top that, they gave the Child a 4 year scholarship. Great job U of Tennessee! posted on MadeMeSmile
300-400 years ago, pirates were a terrifying force to be reckoned with. Now they’re family friendly figures of fun. What will be their modern day equivalent a few centuries from now? posted on AskReddit
For fun I design fake products, behold The Infinity Saucelet, wield all of your favorite fast food sauces at once. Cover everything in sauce...whatever it takes. posted on funny
Telling a dangerously overweight person not to lose weight because they're beautiful is like telling an alcoholic not to stop drinking because they're fun. posted on Showerthoughts
I told my son if he let me shoot his tooth out I'd upload it to the internet. Disclaimer it was wobbly beforehand I don't just shoot his teeth out for fun. posted on funny
When cell phones were new, it was cool to have a fun or interesting ringtone. Today, if your phone isn’t permanently on silent mode you’re a scumbag posted on Showerthoughts
I design ridiculous product ideas for fun, so I designed a pair of jeans with one giant pocket across the butt for all your essentials. posted on funny
I couldn't be more proud of her. After a lot of blood sweat and tears...but mostly FUN, my mother finished her first Dark Souls game. posted on gaming

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