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'For example' is a phrase used to introduce an instance or illustration. It provides a specific case to clarify or confirm what has been said earlier. Read on for synonym and other words for For example.

For example in a sentence
Many fruits are high in vitamins; for example, oranges are rich in vitamin C.

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for instance

Introduction of one or more examples, often interchangeable with 'for example'.

There are many ways to solve this problem. For instance, you can use an algorithm.

such as

Used to specify an example within a larger category.

Certain animals, such as tigers and lions, are carnivores.


Used to introduce examples that are similar to what has been previously mentioned.

Some fruits, like apples and bananas, are particularly nutritious.


Abbreviation of the Latin 'exempli gratia', meaning 'for example'.

You should eat more fruits that are rich in vitamins, e.g., oranges or strawberries.


Used to introduce examples from a larger group.

He has several pets including dogs and cats.

to illustrate

Used to provide a specific example to clarify a statement.

To illustrate, let's look at the case of a student who scores well in examinations thanks to consistent studying.


Used to specify particular items within a general statement.

Three students were late, namely John, Sarah, and Tim.


Used for specifying clear examples within a general category.

We need to focus on the essential subjects, specifically mathematics and science.

in particular

Used to single out an example from a previously stated generality.

Many countries have faced challenges due to climate change, in particular, island nations.

case in point

Used to introduce an example that supports the previous statement.

Certain companies have benefited greatly from remote work policies; a case in point is the tech industry.

an example being

Introduces a specific example that fits a general context.

He has excelled in several sports, an example being swimming.

as an illustration

Used to provide an example for clarification.

The company's fiscal strategy needs reevaluation. As an illustration, last year's profits were lower than expected.

exempli gratia

The full form of 'e.g.' in Latin, used to introduce examples.

He enjoys many types of music, exempli gratia, jazz and classical.

among others

Introduces examples within a larger category.

There are multiple fun activities you can do, among others, hiking and kayaking.

as a case

Introduces a specific instance to illustrate a broader statement.

Several products were recalled, as a case their latest smartphone model.

take, for instance

Introduces a specific example to support the point being made.

Many insects benefit the ecosystem. Take, for instance, bees, which are crucial for pollination.


Often used informally to introduce an example.

You should reduce intake of sugary drinks, say, soda and sweetened tea.

let’s say

Used to introduce a hypothetical example.

Let's say you want to save more money every month, you could start by reducing unnecessary expenses.

an instance would be

Introduces a specific instance to clarify a general statement.

An instance of good customer service would be offering a discount for a delayed delivery.

for illustration

Used to demonstrate a point with a visual or specific example.

For illustration, the diagram shows the proper way to assemble the furniture.

in other words

Used to rephrase a statement with a specific example for clarity.

You need to be punctual at every meeting. In other words, don’t be late.

as an example

Provides a specific illustration to clarify a general statement.

Different types of energy sources have varied impacts on the environment. As an example, solar power is renewable and clean.

by way of example

Introduces a specific case to explain a broader point.

Many people lack access to clean water. By way of example, some communities rely on contaminated sources.

say, for instance

Casual phrase to introduce an example.

If you want to learn about history, say, for instance, the events of World War II, you should visit a museum.


Introduces a specific scenario to illustrate a point.

There are many important ecosystem services, consider the role of bees in pollination.

as an instance

Similar to 'for example', introduces a specific case.

Many fruits are good for health, as an instance, bananas are rich in potassium.


Introduces a specific example among many.

He enjoys playing many sports, particularly soccer.

to provide an example

Used to introduce an example for clarity.

There are several ways to reduce waste. To provide an example, you can start with recycling.

as a demonstration

Introduces an illustrative example to clarify a concept.

To understand the principle of gravity, as a demonstration, drop two objects from the same height.


Used to introduce examples that highlight a point.

Environmental changes impact wildlife, illustrating, many species are shifting their habitats.

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