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"Even though" is a conjunction used to introduce a contrasting fact or a concession. It emphasizes that one statement does not affect the truth of another. Read on for synonym and other words for Even though.

Even though in a sentence
She went to work even though she was feeling sick.

"Even though" 21 synonyms and related terms with examples

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Used to introduce a statement that contrasts with or seems to contradict something that has been said previously.

Although it was raining, we decided to go for a hike.


Introduces a statement that is surprising because it contrasts with what has been previously mentioned.

Despite the bad weather, the event was a success.

in spite of

Used to show that something happened or is true even though there was something that might have prevented it.

In spite of his injuries, he continued the race.

even if

Introduces a conditional statement describing a hypothetical or unlikely event that does not change the outcome.

Even if it costs a lot, I will repair the car.


Used to introduce a fact or statement that makes the main statement in a sentence seem surprising or unlikely.

Though it was late, they continued to search for the missing child.


Used to introduce a fact or statement that reduces the force or significance of what was just said.

He finally agreed, albeit reluctantly.


Despite the fact that there is a point that should be considered.

Notwithstanding the evidence, the judge ruled in favor of the defendant.


Used to contrast two different facts or situations.

While the profits were high, the risks were even higher.

much as

Used to acknowledge a contrast between two situations.

Much as I like to travel, I hate the travel part.

albeit briefly

Indicates a slight contrast or diminishment to the previous statement.

He met her, albeit briefly, at the conference.


Used to introduce a fact that seems to contradict the previous statement.

He was well-prepared, yet he failed the exam.


In spite of what has just been said; nevertheless.

The project faced many challenges; nonetheless, it was completed on time.


Used to introduce a statement that contrasts with or contradicts the just mentioned.

She wanted to go but felt too tired.


Shows a situation remains unchanged despite contrasting information.

He is very old, still, he maintains good health.


Without paying attention to the current situation or condition.

I'll continue to support you regardless of these setbacks.


Used to admit something before making another point.

Granted the weather was bad, but we still enjoyed our trip.


In spite of something that has just been mentioned.

We were tired; nevertheless, we completed the work.


Used to introduce a statement that contrasts with or seems to contradict something that has been said previously.

The plan was excellent; however, it was not executed properly.

irrespective of

Not taking (something) into account; regardless of.

Irrespective of the difficulties, she succeeded.

even with

Used to suggest that the following condition does not affect the outcome.

Even with all his experience, he couldn't fix the problem.

regardless of

Without being influenced by the other factors or conditions.

He will go ahead, regardless of whether you agree.

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Examples of even though on Reddit

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TIL that even though he died in 1994, Kim Il-sung remains president of North Korea. The constitution was revised in 1998, declaring him 'Eternal President of the Republic', making North Korea the only necrocracy in the world - a government that still operates under the rules of a dead former leader. posted on todayilearned
This is my wife's favorite pair of heels. She has held onto them for years, even though they're too tight (her feet grew slightly during her last pregnancy). As a surprise for our anniversary in 3 weeks, I bought some shoe stretchers and I've been carefully expanding them. I can't wait to show her! posted on MadeMeSmile
Both Democrat and Republican voters strongly support sex education in schools even though they disagree on other policies, suggests a new study (n=965), which found a strong majority of them support sex education and the continued funding by the government for teenage pregnancy prevention programs. posted on science
TIL of Cassius M. Clay, a politician and rabid abolitionist. He was once shot during a debate, and chased down his assassin, stabbing him & throwing him off an embankment. He later fended off 6 men, even though they had guns and he only had a bowie knife. He was a candidate to be Lincoln's VP. posted on todayilearned
TIL that purple became associated with royalty due to a shade of it named Tyrian purple, which was created using the mucous glands of Murex snails. Even though it smelled horrible, this pigment was treasured in ancient times as a dye because its intensity deepened with time instead of fading away. posted on todayilearned
The sensation of feeling chills while listening to music was associated with the power of theta waves in the brain's orbitofrontal cortex. The work builds on other studies suggesting that music can also trigger the brain's reward system, even though it doesn't provide a tangible survival benefit. posted on science
This is important for continuing the play-through! Memes are good and all, but he is only using 3% of his PC. Combat and his farms already glitch out sometimes, this is only going to get worse. We need to get this through even though you didn't go skratta at it!!!! Arrow pointing to sky!! posted on PewdiepieSubmissions
TIL In 1988, Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole called a studio at 3am and asked if he could record because he had a good idea. The studio owner said yes even though he already closed the studio. 15 minutes later he recorded Israel playing his ukelele and recorded "Over the Rainbow" in one take. posted on todayilearned
In the 2016 olympics, Flavia Oliveria ended the cycling race in 7th place. Even though that's the best placing that Brazil ever got, almost no one, not even from the Brazilian Cycling Confederation, appeared to celebrate the result with her... and then her cousin showed up. posted on nextfuckinglevel
TIL that even though a Rubik's Cube has 43 billion billion configurations, more than there are grains of sand on all of Earth's beaches, no configuration is more than 20 moves away from being solved, and 99.99999% of all configurations can be solved in less than 20 moves. posted on todayilearned

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