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Enjoy means to take delight or pleasure in an activity or occasion. Read on for synonym and other words for Enjoy.

Enjoy in a sentence
I enjoy reading a good book on a rainy day.

"Enjoy" 31 synonyms and related terms with examples

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I appreciate the beauty of nature while hiking.

delight in

She delights in the laughter of children.


He relishes the taste of fresh strawberries.

take pleasure in

She took pleasure in completing her project successfully.


He savored every bite of the delicious meal.


She adores spending time with her grandchildren.


He treasures the moments spent with his family.

bask in

They basked in the warm sunlight on the beach.

luxuriate in

She luxuriated in the comfort of the plush sofa.

be fond of

He is fond of playing chess with his friends.

rejoice in

They rejoiced in the success of their team.

be pleased with

She was pleased with the compliments she received.

savor the moment

He savored the moment of his graduation ceremony.


She cherishes the memories of her travels.

take delight in

He takes delight in solving complex puzzles.

get a kick out of

She gets a kick out of watching comedy shows.

revel in

They reveled in the excitement of the concert.

delight in

He delights in the process of creating art.

amuse oneself with

She amuses herself with reading novels.

be entertained by

He was entertained by the magician's tricks.

take amusement in

She takes amusement in people-watching at the park.

be absorbed in

He is absorbed in playing his guitar.

indulge in

She indulges in a spa day every month.

be keen on

He is keen on learning new languages.

be passionate about

She is passionate about animal rights.

have a taste for

He has a taste for gourmet cuisine.


She fancies going to art galleries on the weekends.

have fun with

They have fun with board games during gatherings.

get pleasure from

He gets pleasure from playing tennis.


They appreciate the quiet moments together.


She loves dancing in the rain.

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TIL Bill gates purchased the Leonardo da Vinci's Codex for $30,802,500. Three years later he had its pages scanned into digital image files, some of which were later distributed as screen saver and wallpaper files on a CD-ROM as part of a Microsoft Plus! for Windows so everyone could enjoy them. posted on todayilearned
My wife and I couldn’t get our newborn baby to stop crying at the restaurant, so we embarrassingly started to pack up to go home when the couple sitting next to us offered to hold him so we could enjoy a night out. Our baby slept on this kind strangers shoulder the entire evening! posted on HumansBeingBros
Open your mind and enjoy the ride! This one took me almost 4 months to make it. Every time I worked on Vol. 3, I was running out of transitions. I needed to look further into the 22 movie collection of the MCU. It took so long, that Captain Marvel and Endgame came out on Blu-Ray. posted on marvelstudios
TIL Stan Lee, co-creator of Daredevil, worried that blind people would be offended at how far he exaggerated the way a blind person's other senses are enhanced, until he started receiving letters telling him that blind people greatly enjoyed having Daredevil comics read to them. posted on todayilearned
Encountered one on reddit - I received platinum a while back and it came with 700 complimentary reddit coins, so I’ve been giving silver to posts/comments that I enjoyed. Apparently it’s not enough. Should’ve probably purchased more RC’s from my money to give them gold MINIMUM. posted on ChoosingBeggars
Having kids makes you happier, but only when they move out, according to a new study, which suggests that parents are happier than non-parents later in life, when their children move out and become sources of social enjoyment rather than stress (n=55,000). posted on science
Former US president Barack Obama came across a choir of Danish girls practicing their singing in their apartment with their balcony doors open. He kindly asked them if they would keep singing for him to enjoy. Credit to @ungklang_ on Instagram posted on nextfuckinglevel
My little girl who is 15 years old wanted to go to the park today, she's a bit too old so I carried her down there, when we got there this is how she sat enjoying the sunshine. Love her to bits! posted on aww
He is a failed guide dog, failed for being too friendly (legit) But he now is a disability support dog and my newest best friend. Every day he enjoys a carrot because he is a very "good boy" posted on aww
Reddit, you made our dog semi-famous years ago. You may know her as the 'I have no idea what I'm doing' dog or 'Redneck Retriever'. We hope you enjoy her story in 100 photos. posted on pics

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