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Crazy means 'mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way,' or 'extremely enthusiastic or excited about something.' The word has its origins in Middle English, from the word 'craze,' meaning 'to crack' or 'to shatter.' Read on for synonym and other words for Crazy.

Crazy in a sentence
Her crazy ideas always leave us bewildered.

"Crazy" 17 synonyms and related terms with examples

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Insane is used to describe extreme mental illness or wildly foolish behavior, often more clinical.

His insane actions caused a lot of turmoil.


Mad can mean extremely angry or mentally ill; context often determines the meaning.

Everyone thought he was mad to invest all his money in such a risky venture.


Manic is associated with the excessively intense energy and enthusiasm of a person, often in a hyper mode.

The team worked at a manic pace to meet the deadline.


Lunatic, though dated, implies a person with extreme foolishness or mental instability.

They acted like lunatics at the concert.


Deranged refers to someone who is deeply disturbed and exhibits irrational behavior.

The deranged individual was taken into custody for his erratic behavior.


Fanatical emphasizes extreme and often obsessive enthusiasm or commitment.

She was fanatical about her fitness routine.


Berserk indicates a state of violent and destructive rage or frenzy.

He went berserk when he found out his car was stolen.


Absurd describes something that is wildly unreasonable or beyond the limits of normality.

It's absurd to think that we can finish the project in just two days.


Wacky refers to being comically eccentric or quirky.

His wacky sense of humor always makes us laugh.


Nutty is a casual term signaling whimsical and odd behavior, often in a light-hearted way.

Her nutty ideas often surprise everyone.


Frenzied implies wildly excited or uncontrolled activity.

The crowd's frenzied reaction was unexpected.


Loony is a light and humorous way to imply someone or something is eccentric or crazy.

That loony plan of his might just work.


Wild refers to unrestrained, untamed, or chaotic behavior.

They had a wild time at the party.


Irrational describes behavior or thoughts that lack reason, logic, or sound judgment.

His irrational fears prevented him from enjoying simple pleasures.


Unhinged implies complete loss of mental stability, leading to erratic actions.

The character in the movie gradually became unhinged.


Eccentric connotes quirky, unconventional, and slightly abnormal behavior, often used endearingly.

Her eccentric wardrobe choices always turned heads.


Batty is a light-hearted term suggesting someone is slightly mad or irrational.

That theory sounds completely batty to me.

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TIL about Nelly Bly, America’s first investigative journalist who faked being crazy and was sent to an asylum, where she experienced misdiagnosis, abuse, and harassment. In 1887, “Behind Asylum Bars” was printed. A grand jury investigation soon forced NYC to allocate more money for the mentally ill. posted on todayilearned
Star-Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies probably still thinks Santa is real. He was taken from Earth as a kid and then raised in space around aliens and crazy creatures the rest of his life. He probably assumes Santa is an alien. posted on Showerthoughts
Record setting heat? Widespread droughts? Viruses? Wildfires that blanket entire countries in smoke? Derechos? Two hurricanes at the same time? The ice caps melting at an unprecedented speed? What a crazy random happenstance! posted on WhitePeopleTwitter
Bill Gates blames social media platforms for COVID-19 spread in U.S. The "crazy ideas" include misinformation convincing people to not wear masks, and conspiracy theories about vaccines to combat the disease. posted on Coronavirus
Bloomberg won’t release women from nondisclosure agreements. Call me crazy, but maybe, just maybe, we should stop voting for candidates who have had to pay off women to keep them quiet. posted on TwoXChromosomes
The oldest hotel in the world is The Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Japan and has been in business since 705AD. The crazy thing is that it’s still a family business. For 52 generations posted on interestingasfuck
This video collage of all the crazy things this Physics Professor did this semester. He’s in his 70s and is still doing all of this for his students. Need more teachers like him! posted on nextfuckinglevel
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