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Craziest means 'most insane or wild,' often referring to extreme behaviors, situations, or states of mind. It is the superlative form of 'crazy.' Read on for synonym and other words for Craziest.

Craziest in a sentence
That was the craziest party I have ever attended.

"Craziest" 31 synonyms and related terms with examples

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The wildest ideas often turn out to be the most rewarding.

most insane

That roller coaster ride was the most insane experience of my life.


She came up with the nuttiest plan to sneak into the concert.

most absurd

The proposal seemed like the most absurd thing I had ever heard.


The zaniest moments often make the best memories.

most eccentric

His most eccentric behavior often left others puzzled.

most bizarre

That was the most bizarre story I've ever heard.

most outlandish

She wore the most outlandish costume to the party.


The maddest adventure I've ever been on was hiking through the Amazon rainforest.

most fantastic

His most fantastic tales were hard to believe.

most preposterous

The most preposterous rumors can often spread the fastest.

most ludicrous

It was the most ludicrous argument they had ever heard.

most ridiculous

She made the most ridiculous claim about the government's secret plans.

most unbelievable

That was the most unbelievable coincidence.

most curious

He found himself in the most curious circumstances.


He came up with the looniest invention I've ever seen.


The ride made me feel the dizziest I have ever felt.

most deranged

His actions seemed the most deranged to the onlookers.


That was the cuckooest idea anyone had ever suggested.

most madcap

She embarked on the most madcap adventure.

most frenzied

In the most frenzied moments, he still managed to stay calm.

most maniacal

His most maniacal laugh echoed through the halls.

most unhinged

The most unhinged character in the play drew the most applause.

most batty

She had the most batty idea of how to solve the puzzle.

most delirious

He was in the most delirious state after running the marathon.

most erratic

The most erratic behavior can sometimes be the most telling.

most freakish

A most freakish storm blew through the town.

most kooky

The most kooky professor often had the best lectures.

most peculiar

The most peculiar events transpired that evening.


He came up with the whackiest excuse for being late.

most weirdo

They heard the most weirdo noises coming from the attic.

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Examples of craziest on Reddit

"Craziest" is used in real world conversations right now:

"The craziest thing about the Republican presidential contest isn’t that Donald Trump is in the lead. It’s that Dr. Ben Carson — who truly seems to have lost his mind — is in second place and gaining fast. Trump may be a blowhard, but Carson has proved himself to be a crackpot of the first order." posted on politics
TIL that John Cusack once asked his agent to present him with the "craziest, most unproduceable script you can find." His agent presented "Being John Malkovich". Impressed with the script, Cusack auditioned and won a role in the film posted on todayilearned
The craziest prediction that the tv show "The Jetsons" made about life that far in the future was that a man could still support a middle class family of 4 by working in a factory. posted on Showerthoughts
The craziest thing I’ve ever learned. It took me 48 full hours to learn this slippery gypsy sitar lunacy. It’s from Little Tybee’s “More Like Jason.” Hope ya dig it. posted on videos
The craziest thing I’ve ever learned. Took me over 48 full hours to get this slippery gypsy sitar lunacy down. It’s from Little Tybee’s “More Like Jason.” posted on Damnthatsinteresting
I made a compilation of my craziest Dark Brotherhood assassinations. Please sit back and watch if you have a few minutes to kill. Hail Sithis! posted on skyrim
Craziest dive and return yet! Cops got called on me after finding 2 Apple Watches! Both watches were returned back to their rightful owners! posted on MadeMeSmile
I am red-green colorblind, and I recently got colorblind glasses and used them on Minecraft. This was the craziest difference I found. posted on Minecraft
People who have worked at Goodwill or other thrift stores etc. and processed donations, what’s the craziest thing you’ve found? posted on AskReddit
This spot looks like a CGI render to me.. seriously one of the craziest places I've ever seen. Oregon Coast [OC] [4000 x 2667] posted on EarthPorn

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