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Change means 'to make or become different; to alter or transform.' It can refer to modifying something, switching things, or undergoing transformation. Read on for synonym and other words for Change.

Change in a sentence
She decided to change her career path after ten years in the industry.

"Change" 19 synonyms and related terms with examples

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‘Alter’ typically means making small or partial changes to something.

They needed to alter the design before submitting the final version.


‘Modify’ involves making changes to something without completely transforming it.

The regulations will modify the existing rules to better fit current needs.


‘Transform’ suggests a significant change in form, structure, or appearance.

The new policy aims to transform the health sector in the country.


‘Adjust’ usually means making slight modifications to achieve a desired fit, appearance, or result.

He had to adjust his schedule to fit in the new classes.


‘Convert’ involves changing something from one form, function, or state to another.

The old factory was converted into a modern office space.


‘Vary’ means introducing diversity or changing elements within a set of options.

The chef loves to vary the menu to keep things interesting.


‘Revise’ usually means reexamining and making corrections or improvements.

She needs to revise her manuscript before it goes to print.


‘Amend’ involves making changes or improvements to something, often a document or legislation.

The committee decided to amend the policy after receiving feedback.


‘Switch’ implies exchanging or replacing one thing with another.

He decided to switch his major from engineering to mathematics.


‘Shift’ often suggests a change in position, direction, or focus.

The company plans to shift its focus to renewable energy sources.


‘Evolve’ indicates gradual development or change over time.

Over the years, her art style continued to evolve.


‘Innovate’ involves introducing new ideas, methods, or products.

The team aims to innovate and develop cutting-edge technologies.


‘Adapt’ means making something suitable for a new use or purpose.

They had to adapt their processes to meet new regulations.


‘Metamorphose’ refers to a complete or marked change in form or nature.

The caterpillar eventually metamorphoses into a butterfly.


‘Update’ means bringing something up to date by adding new information or changes.

He needs to update his software to the latest version.


‘Redesign’ involves creating a new design or structure for something.

The company decided to redesign its website to improve user experience.


‘Reorganize’ suggests a structured change in the organization or arrangement.

They had to reorganize the departmental structure to increase efficiency.


‘Reform’ usually refers to making changes with the aim of improving something.

The government plans to reform the education system.


‘Reframe’ means changing the way something is viewed or considered.

She tried to reframe the problem from a different perspective.

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Examples of change on Reddit

"Change" is used in real world conversations right now:

TIL astronomer Harlow Shapley firmly believed that there was only one galaxy in the universe but when he was presented with an evidence that disproved his view, he said "it destroyed his universe." Then he completely changed his view and devoted his subsequent career in mapping 76,000 galaxies. posted on todayilearned
TIL that even though Philo Farnsworth, the inventor of electronic television, was disappointed by it for most of his life, he changed his mind the day he saw Neil Armstrong walk on the Moon thanks to his invention, telling his wife "this has made it all worthwhile". posted on todayilearned
“Please save your praise. We don’t want it,” Swedish Climate Activist Greta Thunberg told the USA Senate Climate Change Task Force. “Don’t invite us here to tell us how inspiring we are without doing anything about it because it doesn’t lead to anything.” posted on worldnews
TIL that LBJ constantly asked the flight crew of Air Force One to change the temperature of the cabin. Eventually, they installed a fake control knob for him to 'control' the temperature himself. The president stopped complaining. posted on todayilearned
TIL that millennial dads are spending 3 times as much times with their kids than their fathers spent with them. Back in 1982, 43% of fathers admitted they'd never changed a diaper. Today, that number is down to about 3%. posted on todayilearned
Ellen Ripley in the movie Alien (1979) was originally written to be a man. Director Ridley Scott changed his mind when he watched The Hunger Games (2012) and realized that women can also be action movie leads posted on shittymoviedetails
I just passed 1 year working on my solo project Song of Iron and 6 months since you all changed my life and blew up my first post. I've made a ton of changes based on your feedback, What do you think? posted on gaming
TIL, That since domestication, dogs' eyes have changed. Dogs now have eye muscles that make them more expressive and infant-like. These same muscles are absent in wolves, their closest relative. posted on todayilearned
Here I am as a two year old. In the Russian orphanage I was adopted from. I was adopted to my New Zealand family shortly after this video was taken. Moments that really changed my life. posted on MadeMeSmile
A Swedish engineer has invented a suit that will change the lives of people with Parkinson's and stroke. With the help of electrical stimulation, it helps to get rid of tremors. posted on interestingasfuck

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