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A best friend is a person who you value above other friends in your life, someone you have fun with, someone you trust, and someone in whom you confide. This relationship is often denoted by a deep bond of mutual respect, loyalty, and affection. Read on for synonym and other words for Best friend.

Best friend in a sentence
Samantha has been my best friend since we were in kindergarten.

"Best friend" 31 synonyms and related terms with examples

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close friend

A person with whom one has a strong bond of mutual affection and trust.

John is my close friend, and I trust him with my secrets.


A person with whom one shares a secret or private matter, trusting them not to repeat it to others.

Maria is my confidant, the one I turn to with my worries.


A person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

In many ways, my best friend is my soulmate.


A casual term for a friend.

I like hanging out with Mike; he's a good buddy.


Another informal term for a friend.

We climbed the mountain together, just a couple of pals on an adventure.


A friend or companion, often used in a more colloquial or old-fashioned sense.

In college, Sarah was my chum; we did everything together.


A person who supports another, especially in a challenging situation.

During tough times, Jake has proven to be a reliable ally.

bosom friend

A very close and intimate friend.

Olivia and I are bosom friends; we share our innermost secrets.


Someone with whom one spends a lot of time or travels.

My dog is my daily companion, though she's much more than just a pet.


A term often used in British English to refer to a friend.

He's always been a loyal mate, sticking with me through thick and thin.


A companion or colleague, especially someone who shares common activities or interests.

We tackled every group project together; he was my reliable cohort.


An associate or fellow member of a group, especially one involved in shared activities.

As comrades in the fight for social justice, we support each other unwaveringly.


A person's assistant or close associate, especially one who has less authority than that person.

Robin is Batman's trusty sidekick.


A person with whom one works, especially in something secret or illegal; also can denote a close association.

Despite our mischief, he was always my confederate.


Someone to whom one entrusts something of importance or value, especially secreting information or emotional support.

When it comes to my feelings, Lisa is my trustee.


A very close personal friend.

Among my friends, she is my most intimate.

kindred spirit

A person with whom one has a deep connection and similar fundamental views or feelings.

We were drawn together as kindred spirits.


A long-standing friend; often used to describe someone in a close-knit group.

We've been cronies since our high school days.

alter ego

A person's secondary or alternative personality; can also imply a very close friend who reflects one's own characteristics and values.

He’s like my alter ego; we are practically the same person.


A partner or colleague in a professional or business setting.

He's a close associate of mine with whom I share many business dealings.


A comrade or peer in a similar situation or group.

Among my fellows was a friend I could trust completely.


Spanish term for a close friend or buddy.

We've been compadres since childhood.


A term of endearment among friends, particularly used between males.

He's my bro; we always have each other's backs.


A partner in wrongdoing or a companion in crime, often used metaphorically to describe a close, adventurous friend.

She was not just my best friend, but my accomplice in all adventures.


Informal term for a close friend, often used in urban slang.

My homie has been with me through thick and thin.


Someone who supports or endorses, especially in times of need.

As my backer, he's always supported my ideas and plans.


A blend of brother and Joseph, used as a casual term of camaraderie between male friends.

He's my broseph; we go way back.


A friend with whom one engages in play or recreational activities, particularly during childhood.

As kids, he was my playmate and my best friend.


A colloquial term for a friend, often used in British English with a nautical undertone.

Oi, matey! Good to see you!


A friend who supports you, especially in social or romantic situations.

He's my wingman whenever we go out.


A person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else.

My best friend has always been my champion, standing by me in every situation.

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Examples of best friend on Reddit

"Best friend" is used in real world conversations right now:

My 28 year old brother tragically passed away on December 3rd. Today we got this list of all the people who he was able to save by donating his organs. Only 1% of people who die get to donate organs. My brother was my best friend and now not only mine but a hero to these people as well. RIP Dan. posted on MadeMeSmile
My son and his best friend, both told their survival rate would be around 2%, never walk, and live in a vegetative state if they made it past 7 years, both walked the stage and graduated tonight!!! (Left pic is from the first day of school. The right is from graduation this evening) posted on MadeMeSmile
My best friend Marley crossed the rainbow bridge on the 5th and yesterday I called to cancel all of his food and medication auto ships. Today I found these flowers outside my door. Such a simple gesture from a large company that meant so much. posted on pics
TIL that a depressed Manchester teen used several fake online personas to convince his best friend to murder him, and after surviving the attack, he became the first person in UK history to be charged with inciting their own murder. posted on todayilearned
My dog has been desperate to be friends since they met but our new kitten was being stand offish. Tonight he's made progress after learning to use his tail as bait. I think they'll be best friends! posted on aww
He is a failed guide dog, failed for being too friendly (legit) But he now is a disability support dog and my newest best friend. Every day he enjoys a carrot because he is a very "good boy" posted on aww
Tom and Jerry are best friends. But Tom has to pretend to hate Jerry in order to protect (Jerry) so Tom’s owner doesn’t replace (Tom) with a cat that actually wants to kill Jerry. posted on Showerthoughts
This guy got no shows for 3 different adoption days. When we met he climbed right into my lap and I fell in love. Now he's my first dog and lifelong best friend. Meet Winston! posted on aww
This is Tanner Wilson, a senior at Caddo High School who saved his money for 2 years so that he could buy his best friend a motorized wheelchair. posted on pics
A year ago I got black-out drunk at a charity bar crawl. My best friend commissioned a painting of his favorite photo of me from that night. posted on pics

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