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Bad means 'of poor quality or a low standard,' or 'not desired or approved.' The word 'bad' is often used to describe situations, actions, or items that are unfavorable or negative. Read on for synonym and other words for Bad.

Bad in a sentence
Eating too much junk food is bad for your health.

"Bad" 19 synonyms and related terms with examples

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The terrible storm caused a lot of damage to the town.


The food at the restaurant was awful; I wouldn’t go back.


She had a horrible experience at the dentist.


It was a dreadful mistake to go hiking without proper gear.


The performance was of a poor standard and disappointed the audience.


The smell in the room was quite unpleasant.


He had a nasty fall on the slippery pavement.


His behavior was abominable and couldn't be tolerated any longer.


The crime scene was an atrocious sight.


The food left a vile taste in my mouth.


The news from the disaster zone was grim.


The materials used in the product were of an inferior quality.


He felt lousy after catching a cold.


The villain in the story is truly wicked.


The living conditions in the slums were deplorable.


His comments were offensive to many people.


Such behavior is unacceptable in this establishment.


I find his manners distasteful and rude.


The weather forecast is unfavorable for our plans.

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TIL the crew of 'Return of the Jedi' mocked the character design of Admiral Ackbar, deeming it too ugly. Director Richard Marquand refused to alter it, saying, "I think it's good to tell kids that good people aren't necessarily good looking people and that bad people aren't necessarily ugly people." posted on todayilearned
LPT: When you don't have all the facts, try to give people the most generous reason you can for their behaviour. Annoyingly slow driver? Maybe it's a mom with a birthday cake in the back. This mindset will gradually make you less reactive, more compassionate and more forgiving of your own bad days. posted on LifeProTips
TIL that when Michael Jackson granted Weird Al Yankovic permission to do "Fat" (a parody of "Bad"), Jackson allowed him to use the same set built for his own "Badder" video from the Moonwalker film. Yankovic said that Jackson's support helped to gain approval from other artists he wanted to parody. posted on todayilearned
TIL that when quirky theatrical producer David Merrick got bad reviews for his 1961 musical, he found 7 random denizens of New York with names identical to those of 7 top theatre critics. He asked the civilians to talk ecstatically of the musical, then published an ad with their praises and names. posted on todayilearned
TIL Terry Crews said the reason Fox didn't promote idiocracy was because Mike Judge had companies pay for product placement and then he made them look bad (Starbucks gave out hand-jobs). The film tanked in limited release but made over 20 times its gross domestic box office revenue in DVD rentals. posted on todayilearned
LPT: "Off-brand" was a term created by branded companies to make their cheaper competitors look bad. Don't see cheaper alternatives as lower quality or knock-offs, see them as a competitor. Some often are better than the branded version but the marketing psychology stops you from seeing that. posted on LifeProTips
TIL that in “Forrest Gump,” when his microphone is cut off at the rally, what you don’t hear him say is “Sometimes when people go to Vietnam, they go home to their mommas without any legs. Sometimes they don’t go home at all. That’s a bad thing. That’s all I have to say about that.” posted on todayilearned
TIL in 1714, a Norwegian captain and an English captain had a 14-hour long ship fight. Afterwards, both ships were badly damaged and the Norwegian captain was running out of ammo. He sent an envoy to the English ship, asking if he could borrow some of their ammo. They said no. posted on todayilearned
This may not mean much to most of you. But we are humble folks on a single income, and we had a really old fridge that was bad for our health. We ate out less every month, and committed to saving more. In 9 months, we bought our very first family fridge! I feel like a KING :D posted on MadeMeSmile
Sirga the lioness was bandoned by her mother, she was badly dehydrated and a few hours from death.She only survived after being placed on a drip and bottle fed a mixture of cream, milk, eggs and vitamins. Valentin Gruener is the man who saved her life. posted on nextfuckinglevel

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Semordnilap is a word or phrase that forms a different word or phrase when spelled backward. Unlike palindromes, semordnilaps create entirely new meanings. For example, "stressed" spelled backward is "desserts."

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