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Amazing means 'causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing.' It is often used to describe something incredibly impressive or remarkable. Read on for synonym and other words for Amazing.

Amazing in a sentence
The concert was absolutely amazing; I had the time of my life.

"Amazing" 17 synonyms and related terms with examples

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Implies a strong sense of surprise or wonder, often similar to 'amazing'.

The magician's tricks were astonishing to everyone watching.


Stresses something that is hard to believe, yet still impressive.

The view from the mountaintop was simply incredible.


Often used to describe something wonderfully impressive, charming, or beautiful.

She looked marvelous in her new dress.


Suggests delight and happiness, often used for experiences.

We had a wonderful time at the amusement park.


Implies something shockingly beautiful or impressive, often visually.

Her performance in the play was absolutely stunning.


Focuses on something incredibly surprising or impressive.

The team made an astounding comeback in the final minutes of the game.


Describes something large-scale, grand, and impressively sensational.

We witnessed a spectacular fireworks display on New Year's Eve.


Refers to something noteworthy or extraordinary, deserving recognition.

His ability to solve such complex problems is remarkable.


Indicates something extraordinary, extraordinarily good or impressive.

The athlete's performance in the race was phenomenal.


Implies wondrous or supernatural occurrences, often beyond normal expectations.

It was miraculous that everyone survived the accident unscathed.


Means something so stunningly beautiful it literally makes you gasp.

The view of the canyon was breathtaking.


Conveys a sense of being in awe, colloquially used to express strong approval.

The launch of the space shuttle was an awesome sight.


Refers to something exceptionally good or remarkable beyond the usual.

Her extraordinary cooking skills are well-known in our town.


Often used for something wonderful or extremely good, sometimes informal.

They hosted a fabulous party that everyone enjoyed.


Conveys something overwhelmingly impressive or astonishing.

The special effects in the movie were mind-blowing.


Relates to something grand, dignified, and impressive in scale or appearance.

The majestic mountains stood tall against the sky.


Describes something strikingly beautiful or impressive in a grand manner.

The palace was magnificent, with every detail perfectly designed.

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Examples of amazing on Reddit

"Amazing" is used in real world conversations right now:

My Amazing Grandmother Turns 100 on Tuesday. She gave a speech tonight about her firsthand experience the night of Kristallnacht, losing her family to the holocaust, her time in England during WWII, her being an interpreter at the Nuremberg Trials...truly, a living legend. posted on pics
LPT: Don't be fooled by the "working for a dream company" ideology. You'll be much better off with an amazing boss at an average company who champions your work, allows you to develop mastery in your field, and gives you autonomy. posted on LifeProTips
My parents made a Renaissance fair for my kids in my back yard because it was canceled this year. We made turkey legs, funnel cakes, bobbed for apples, live music etc. They’re amazing people and even greater grandparents. posted on MadeMeSmile
My Grandma used to paint amazing lifelike scenes until her stroke. This is her only post-stroke artwork, that she swears no one will appreciate. I told her I'd ask my friends what they think. posted on MadeMeSmile
Have you ever been drunk or high and came up with this truly amazing idea but then became sober and realized it wasn't as amazing as you thought it was? If so, what was the idea? posted on AskReddit
I did it. Posted this question for my entire company to see during a meeting - seeing the reactions in the faces of the execs was amazing. It’s up to 20 likes within 14 minutes posted on antiwork
To all the people who are protesting against Putin all across Russia, You are amazing! Keep up the Bravery. Let's support them just like we supported HK. posted on nextfuckinglevel
I thought someone was stealing my package, turns out it was just my amazing neighbor doing a better job to hide it. Nice people are out there!! posted on HumansBeingBros
This man skips rope with three puppies. A fourth puppy carefully watches the rope before joining in at the right moment. Amazing skill. posted on nextfuckinglevel
I’m on a 13 hour flight from LA to Shanghai. Fortunately China Eastern Airlines hooked up this amazing Club Sandwich for my meal. posted on funny

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