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A large number or amount; a great deal. Read on for synonym and other words for A lot.

A lot in a sentence
They got a lot of help from their friends.

"A lot" 14 synonyms and related terms with examples

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Implies a sufficient, often more than adequate, amount.

There is plenty of food for everyone.


Highlights a large number, often in countable terms.

He made numerous attempts to solve the problem.


Indicates a large count or quantity of specific items.

Many people attended the concert.

a great deal

Suggests a significant amount, often in terms of time or effort.

She spends a great deal of time on her hobbies.

a multitude

Refers to a very large number, often used for abstract concepts or problems.

The project had a multitude of challenges.


Implies more than sufficient, often enough to meet needs.

There was ample evidence to support the theory.


Significantly large in number or quantity, often associated with natural resources or supplies.

The garden produced an abundant supply of vegetables.

a large quantity

Describes a large amount in numerical or measurable terms.

He received a large quantity of letters.


Refers to a large group, often used in less formal contexts to denote many people.

Scores of people protested the new policy.

a wealth

Often used metaphorically to describe a large amount of useful, non-tangible qualities, like knowledge or experience.

She has a wealth of experience in the industry.


Informal term implying large piles or masses of items.

There were heaps of toys on the floor.


Informal measurement indicating an excessively large number or amount.

She received tons of compliments on her performance.


Informal term suggesting a large, often unmanageable, amount or quantity.

We have loads of work to finish by tomorrow.

a vast number

Emphasizes an extremely large numerical count, often used in abstract contexts.

A vast number of theories have been proposed.

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Huge shoutout to Kevin O'Leary: "Definition of the market is speculation. If you are short you know run a new risk that these effective social media vigilantes are going to come after you and squeeze you and its good because it will make a lot of hedge funds think for a second time before shorting." posted on wallstreetbets
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Earlier this week I posted a photo that my dad, an artist who has been struggling with depression, had drawn. He was overwhelmed with the response, and said I could post another if I wanted! I had a lot of requests for more of his work, so hereโ€™s another piece heโ€™s done. posted on pics
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My father has early onset Alzheimer's. I brought my new dog home for Christmas this year, and he said, 'I know I'm going to forget a lot, but I'm going to remember this dog for a long time.' posted on pics
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