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Such as is used to introduce examples or specific instances of a general statement. Read on for synonym and other words for Such as.

Such as in a sentence
There are many fruits that I like, such as apples, bananas, and oranges.

"Such as" 30 synonyms and related terms with examples

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for example

Used to introduce an illustrative example or instance.

She loves outdoor activities, for example, hiking and biking.


Used to introduce an example and often implies similarity.

She enjoys activities like swimming and running.


Used to specify a part of a larger set or category, without limiting to those mentioned.

She has many hobbies, including painting and gardening.


Used to introduce an example that belongs to a particular category.

Certain plants, such as cacti, can thrive in arid environments.

among others

Indicates that the examples given are part of a larger group.

He collected various items, among others, rare coins and vintage stamps.


Short for 'exempli gratia,' used to introduce one or more examples.

There are numerous programming languages, e.g., Python and JavaScript.

in particular

Emphasizes specific examples from a broader category.

He has a passion for many cuisines, in particular Italian and Japanese.


Specifies the exact examples being referred to.

She had contacts in several countries, namely Spain, Germany, and Australia.


Refers to things that are of a similar kind.

They discussed various strategies, suchlike guerrilla tactics.


Used similarly to 'such as' to introduce examples.

She enjoyed desserts such as cakes and ice cream.


Clearly defines the examples within a broader category.

He enjoys many genres of music, specifically jazz and classical.

in the form of

Used to specify the physical form of the examples.

He received many gifts, in the form of books and gadgets.


Points out the primary examples within a group.

He collected different types of art, chiefly paintings and sculptures.


Highlights specific examples within a general statement.

She loves many types of flowers, particularly roses and lilies.

inter alia

Latin for 'among other things,' used to introduce examples.

He studied many subjects, inter alia philosophy and mathematics.


Used to introduce specific examples as illustrations.

He provided data from several sources, illustratively from government reports.

that is

Clarifies or specifies the examples being referred to.

She collects vintage items, that is, things from the 1950s and 1960s.


Used to emphasize notable examples.

She favored certain styles, markedly minimalist and contemporary.

in essence

Sum up the core examples within a broader concept.

She practiced various arts, in essence, pottery and calligraphy.

worth mentioning

Highlights notable examples within a group.

He had many mentors, worth mentioning are Dr. Smith and Professor Lee.

amongst others

Indicates that the examples provided are part of a larger set.

She has collaborated with several charities, amongst others UNICEF and Red Cross.


Used to introduce examples in a conversational context.

There are many sports that he plays, say, tennis and basketball.

as an example

Used to give specific illustrations or cases.

Many animals hibernate, as an example, bears and bats.


Used to direct attention to specific examples.

Consider various poets, see, Frost and Whitman.

in illustration

Used to provide illustrative examples.

Various laws were cited, in illustration, those concerning privacy.


Refers to things that are of a similar kind.

They discussed various strategies, suchlike guerrilla tactics.

this means

Clarifies the meaning with specific examples.

He is interested in renewable energy, this means, solar and wind power.

defined as

Gives a definition through specific examples.

She has varied interests, defined as painting and dancing.


Specifies the exact examples being referred to.

She had contacts in several countries, namely Spain, Germany, and Australia.


Short for 'exempli gratia,' used to introduce one or more examples.

There are numerous programming languages, e.g., Python and JavaScript.

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