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Shown means 'to make visible or be seen; to display or exhibit.' The word 'shown' is the past participle of the verb 'show.' Read on for synonym and other words for Shown.

Shown in a sentence
The movie was shown at the local theater.

"Shown" 31 synonyms and related terms with examples

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To put something in a prominent place where it can be easily seen.

The artwork was displayed in the gallery.


To present something publicly, often in a formal setting.

Rare artifacts were exhibited at the museum.


To make something previously hidden or unknown visible or known.

The magician revealed the secret behind his trick.


To formally give or show something to someone.

The report was presented at the meeting.


To show the existence or truth of something by giving proof or evidence.

The teacher demonstrated the experiment to the students.


To make something visible by uncovering it.

The corruption was exposed by the journalists.


To show something through a drawing, painting, or other art forms.

The artist depicted the landscape beautifully.


To make something clear by using examples, charts, or pictures.

The book was illustrated with colorful pictures.


To give a summary or the main points of something.

The teacher outlined the plan for the project.


To display or show by one's actions or appearance.

Her talent for music was manifested at an early age.


To illustrate or clarify by giving an example.

His behavior exemplified kindness.


To show, manifest, or reveal (a thought or feeling) in words, gestures, conduct, or facial expression.

His feelings were clearly expressed in the letter.


To show an image or a picture by shining a light or series of lights onto a surface.

The image was projected on the screen.


To show again in a form similar to the original.

The documents were reproduced for all team members.


To make something known publicly, usually information that is kept private.

The company disclosed its financial results.


To bring something to public attention by promoting.

The event was advertised on social media.


To make a public statement about a fact or event.

The winners were announced during the ceremony.


To show or announce something publicly for the first time.

The new product was unveiled at the trade show.


To discover and reveal something that was previously hidden or unknown.

The mystery was finally uncovered.


To exhibit or display in a way that attracts attention.

The designer showcased her latest collection.


To transmit information or audiovisual content to a broader audience.

The news was broadcast live on TV.


To display an image on a surface using a device.

The data was projected on the screen for all to see.


To present an artistic work, such as drama or music, before an audience.

The play was performed on stage.


To draw attention to something by displaying or mentioning it clearly.

Key points were highlighted in the presentation.

brought to light

To reveal or make something known that was previously unknown or hidden.

The investigation brought to light several important facts.


To center attention on a particular topic or individual.

The issue was spotlighted in the documentary.


To form a mental image or concept of something or to show it visually.

The future of the project was visualized in the plan.


To identify or show the exact position or cause of something.

The study pinpointed the causes of the problem.


To depict someone or something in a work of art or literature.

The movie portrayed the life of the famous scientist.


To describe the distinctive nature or features of something.

The piece characterized the artist's unique style.


To list something item by item.

She enumerated the main reasons for their success.

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