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Show means 'to cause or allow something to be seen,' 'to display or exhibit,' or 'to present to view.' It can also mean 'to demonstrate or explain.' Read on for synonym and other words for Show.

Show in a sentence
The teacher used a projector to show the class the diagrams.

"Show" 14 synonyms and related terms with examples

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The museum will display the ancient artifacts next month.


The artist decided to exhibit her work in the downtown gallery.


The scientist will present her findings at the conference.


The instructor will demonstrate how to use the software.


The magician refused to reveal his secrets.


The company plans to unveil its new product line next week.


The phone can display high-resolution images.


The map will indicate the route to the treasure.


The book's diagrams help to illustrate complex processes.


The documentary aims to expose the hidden truths of the industry.


His true feelings began to manifest during the heated discussion.


The lawyer had to disclose all relevant documents.


The investigation could uncover new evidence.


The festival will showcase talent from around the world.

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In 2015, Jimmy Carter had brain cancer. In 2019, he broke his hip. That same year, at age 95, he fell at home requiring 14 stitches. Despite his injuries, he showed up the next day, to help build houses for the Habitat for Humanity. Recently turning 98, President Carter is still an active volunteer. posted on MadeMeSmile
TIL Garden Veggie Straws, which shows fresh vegetables on the bag, and are promoted as a healthy alternative to chips, are actually made of salt, starch, and tomato paste. They have less nutrition than actual potato chips and the manufacturer, which has a history of false claims, is now being sued. posted on todayilearned
[No Spoilers] Peter Dinklage showed the world that little people don't need to be relegated to the background or cast as anything less than traditional roles. He absolutely crushed his performance, and may have helped other talented little people to get a bigger chance in film and television. posted on gameofthrones
TIL The cast of FRIENDS each made $1M per episode in the final two seasons and now make $20M per year per cast member for reruns. The show still generates $1B/year for Warner Bros. All thanks to David Schwimmer encouraging the cast to negotiate as a team. posted on todayilearned
In WW2 drag shows were popular with the troop (US and Britain), it was a way to relieve stress. One British unit came under attack while hosting a show so they had to fight while dolled up. The government tried to hide these photos for years. posted on interestingasfuck
A video from yesterday anti-Hijab protests in Iran showing Hadis Najafi (21) getting ready to stand to the security guards. Today Hadis was announced death by her family after being shot 6 bullets in her chest. Remember her name #HadisNajafi posted on nextfuckinglevel
TIL an FBI whistleblower reported multiple problems in forensic cases. After years of the FBI seeking to ruin him, his claims were investigated and a report showed that forensic hair analysis was flawed or inaccurate over 90% of the time. posted on todayilearned
TIL that the Animal Planet reality series ‘River Monsters’ ended because star Jeremy Wade was able to catch essentially every exceptionally large freshwater fish species on earth, leaving no remaining content for the show posted on todayilearned
Hasan Minhaj responds after Netflix pulls episode of his comedy show in Saudi Arabia - “Clearly, the best way to stop people from watching something is to ban it, make it trend online, and then leave it up on Youtube.” posted on worldnews
Would you watch a show where a billionaire CEO has to go an entire month on their lowest paid employees salary, without access to any other resources than that of the employee? What do you think would happen? posted on AskReddit

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