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A project is a planned endeavor, usually with a specific goal and a set period of time, undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. Read on for synonym and other words for Project.

Project in a sentence
The community started a new project to plant trees in the local park.

"Project" 30 synonyms and related terms with examples

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She worked diligently on her history assignment.


Completing this task will take several hours.


Building the bridge was a massive undertaking.


The new recycling program is an excellent initiative.


The team's endeavor to create a new software was successful.


The urban development plan lays out new housing projects.


The government proposed a new financial scheme to support small businesses.


The charity launched a new programme to help the homeless.


Her latest business venture shows great promise.


The military operation lasted for three months.


The marketing campaign boosted sales remarkably.


The committee set a new agenda for the upcoming months.


The architect worked on the blueprint for the new building.


She worked diligently on her history assignment.


Taking out the trash is a regular chore.


Painting the house was a tough job.


The mission to Mars aims to explore the planet's surface.


The government proposed a new financial scheme to support small businesses.


The labor involved in cleaning the house took all day.


They provide an excellent cleaning service.


His occupation as a teacher is very fulfilling.


It's her duty to ensure that all reports are completed on time.


The enterprise seeks to innovate in the tech industry.


The scout camp offered various outdoor activities.


The course will cover various aspects of digital marketing.


The journey to recovery was long and challenging.


The expedition to the Arctic was filled with challenges.


His pursuit of knowledge led him to many countries.


She has started a crusade to improve local education.


She worked diligently on her history assignment.

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Examples of project on Reddit

"Project" is used in real world conversations right now:

An art student did an experiment for her graduation project - live 21 days for free in Beijing. She disguised herself as a socialite and slept in the halls of extravagant hotels, tried on jade bracelets worth millions of dollars at auctions, and enjoyed free food and drinks in VIP lounges and bars posted on Damnthatsinteresting
TIL that the details of the Manhattan Project were so secret that many workers had no idea why they did their jobs. A laundrywoman had a dedicated duty to "hold up an instrument and listen for a clicking noise" without knowing why. It was a Geiger counter testing the radiation levels of uniforms. posted on todayilearned
TIL that in Return of the Jedi (1983) for the speeder chase, Garrett Brown walked through the forest shooting at less than one frame per second. By walking at about 5 mph and projecting the footage at 24 frame/s, the motion seen in the film appeared as if it were moving at around 120 mph posted on todayilearned
TIL in the months before his sudden death, former Mythbuster Grant Imahara built a fully animatronic Baby Yoda. Having spent 3 months of his personal time designing, programming, and 3D printing the project, he intended to bring it to hospitals to cheer up sick children. posted on todayilearned
Exxon predicted in 1982 exactly how high global carbon emissions would be today | The company expected that, by 2020, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would reach roughly 400-420 ppm. This month’s measurement of 415 ppm is right within the expected curve Exxon projected posted on worldnews
These 3 Jewish men arrived in Auschwitz on the same day, & were tattooed 10 numbers apart. 73 years later, @sandibachom photographed them meeting for the first time for the Last Eyewitness Project, as free men who survived to build families and prosperous lives. posted on interestingasfuck
TIL shortly after returning from the moon Buzz Aldrin began to suffer from alcoholism and depression. "I wanted to resume my duties, but there were no duties to resume. There was no goal, no sense of calling, no project worth pouring myself into." posted on todayilearned
I was told $40,000 a year salary over the phone, and then during the interview they changed it to $8 an hour. I have an engineering degree. They literally only wanted to hire me for a single project. I asked them if they could live on $8 an hour. posted on antiwork
Would you support a mandatory environmental service for adults 18 - 30 ? Kind of like military service but instead of fighting you must spend a few months on reforestation projects or ocean cleanup ? Why or why not ? posted on AskReddit
I painted a large multi pane ‘dissection’ of the human head for my Cerebraphile art project. Watercolor. Lost track of the number of hours... Don’t know if this belongs in this sub, but I hope you like it...! posted on nextfuckinglevel

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