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Overall is an adjective and adverb meaning taking everything into account; total or general. It indicates a comprehensive view of something, considering all factors or elements. Read on for synonym and other words for Overall.

Overall in a sentence
Overall, the project was a great success despite some minor setbacks.

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In general, people are satisfied with the new policy.


The total cost of the renovation was higher than expected.


The report gave a comprehensive overview of the company's financial health.


The whole team contributed to the successful outcome.


Her all-encompassing knowledge made her an asset to the team.


The entire event was well-organized and enjoyable.


The program aims to be inclusive of all community members.


The complete guide to gardening will be released next month.


We need a full assessment of the situation before proceeding.


We need a broad understanding of the market trends.


The aggregate data showed a significant increase in sales.


The global view of the company's operations highlighted some inefficiencies.


The new policy changes will have sweeping effects on the industry.


These principles have universal application.


The all-inclusive package covers meals, drinks, and activities.


A totalizing view of the issue reveals underlying complexities.


We need a holistic approach to solving this problem.


The panoramic review helped us understand the project's scope.


The conference covered a wide-ranging array of topics.


The research study was extensive and thorough.


We must consider the ramified effects of this decision.


She is an all-round performer with skills in multiple areas.


Understanding the fundamental issues is crucial.


The overarching theme of the book is human resilience.


There were some major changes in the project plan.


The principal aim of the campaign is to raise awareness.


Our primary goal is to increase customer satisfaction.


Core competencies include problem-solving and critical thinking.


He is the quintessential example of a dedicated teacher.

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Nearly one in three low-income people who enrolled in Michigan’s expanded Medicaid program discovered they had a chronic illness that had never been diagnosed before. Half also said their overall health improved after one year of coverage or more. Nearly as many said their mental health had improved posted on science
Early-stage detection of Alzheimer’s in the blood: Using a simple blood test, the disease can be detected approximately eight years before the first clinical symptoms occur, with a sensitivity of 90%. Adding a second diagnostic validation step offers an overall specificity of 97%, finds a new study. posted on science
A powerful photograph of a one-legged Syrian father holding his son born without lower or upper limbs has been recognized as the Siena International Photo Awards (SIPA) 2021 photo of the year. Turkish photographer Mehmet Aslan was recognized as the overall winner with his photo “Hardship of Life.” posted on interestingasfuck
LPT: When you are giving a presentation, always include in each slide not only its number, but also the overall number of slides, for instance, 11/25. That makes it much easier for the audience to understand the flow of your talk and gives them the feeling of a better control over the situation. posted on LifeProTips
First-of-its-kind global survey shows the initial phase of the COVID-19 lockdown dramatically altered our personal habits. Overall, healthy eating increased because we ate out less frequently. However, we snacked more. We got less exercise. We went to bed later and slept more poorly posted on science
People who have night owl chronotype don't fall asleep early enough to get the recommended 7+ hours of sleep. Long term sleep deprivation is linked to poorer overall health and cognitive performance. Night 'owls' may be twice as likely as morning 'larks' to underperform at work. posted on science
In “X-Men” (2000), the ways that Xavier and Magneto play chess at the end of the film mirrors their overall strategies. Magneto (clear pieces) is willing to sacrifice his pawns for the sake of the game, while Xavier (frosted pieces) uses and protects them as much as possible posted on MovieDetails
Box Office Week: Black Panther smashes at #1 with $201M, making it the 2nd best MCU opening ever and the 5th best domestic opening overall. The film is also expected to gross $235M for the four-day weekend. Meanwhile, Early Man (#7, $3.1M) and Samson (#10, $1.9M) flop. posted on movies
A lack of sleep affects people’s ability to feel for others. Sleep deprivation and emotional fatigue can hit anyone, but first responders and health-care workers are especially vulnerable due to shift work, long hours and the overall stressful nature of their jobs. posted on science
Critics say green policies stifle growth. The opposite may be true. Environmental regulation can in fact increase worker productivity and overall capital accumulation, according to new research, with green taxes having the largest potential effect on productivity. posted on science

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