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Love is a profound and caring affection towards someone or something, often characterized by deep emotional attachment and desire. The word 'love' can be used to describe romantic relationships, familial connections, or deep friendships. Read on for synonym and other words for Love.

Love in a sentence
She expressed her love for her family through constant support and care.

"Love" 17 synonyms and related terms with examples

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A gentle feeling of fondness or liking.

His affection for his pet was evident in the way he cared for it.


Deep love and respect.

Her adoration for her mentor was clear in her admiration and eagerness to learn.


Profound dedication or strong attachment.

Their mutual devotion kept them together through hard times.


Affection or liking for someone or something.

He had a fondness for reading classic literature.


Intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction.

Their shared passion for music brought them closer together.


An intense but short-lived passion or admiration.

His infatuation with her began the moment they met.


A love affair, especially an illicit one.

The tale of their amour was known throughout the village.


Respect and warm approval.

Her admiration for his courage was boundless.


Affection that binds one person or thing to another.

Their attachment grew stronger over the years.


A word or phrase expressing love or affection.

He whispered sweet words of endearment to her.


Close familiarity or friendship; closeness.

Their intimacy was evident in their close-knit relationship.


A friendly relationship.

The amity between the neighboring countries was admirable.


Gentleness and kindness.

There was a tenderness in his eyes whenever he looked at her.


Affection or liking for someone or something.

Her fondness for chocolate was well-known among her friends.


The quality, state, or sensation of being warm; affectionate and cordial feeling.

His warmth made everyone feel welcome.


The act of protecting and caring for someone lovingly.

The cherishment of childhood memories is important to her.


Strong love or loyalty; dedication to a cause or person.

The student's devotion to her studies was commendable.

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TIL hundreds of love letters between two gay World War II soldiers were found and are being made into a book. In one, one of them wrote, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if all our letters could be published in the future in a more enlightened time. Then all the world could see how in love we are." posted on todayilearned
Someone else posted my before and after a few months ago the one everyone thought was fake because of the tattoo thing lol but hereโ€™s an updated picture of my recovery Iโ€™m 19 months clean and Iโ€™m finally starting to see the beauty in life again hope this inspires some people much love posted on nextfuckinglevel
LPT: Texans, you are about to experience the worst potholes many of you have ever seen. Make sure your tire pressure is correct for your vehicles, drive slowly, give plenty of distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you, and don't trust puddles. Love from Michigan. posted on LifeProTips
My brother is a low functioning downsie. He used to love to hold babies but it's rare someone let's him now. My wife and I let him hold our baby today and here is his look when we gave her to him and then the way he held her without movement for 5 minutes. I almost cried. :) posted on aww
LPT: If you want a smarter kid, teach your child to read as early as possible and instill in them a love for books. Because as soon as they can read, they can teach themselves. And that will be a life-long advantage over their peers who don't have that same ability. posted on LifeProTips
(OC) I've never loved my physical appearance and physical looks. I just wanted one night to feel beautiful and for once and my prom night was the night. I loved the dress. I felt like a princess I felt like I was beautiful. I thought I'd share this with you posted on MadeMeSmile
Haoko the Gorilla loves spending time with his kids, but his missus doesn't allow it when they're too young, so he "abducts" them, forcing the mom into a harmless, playful chase. It's sort of a family tradition, as he did it with all 3 of his kids posted on interestingasfuck
22-year-old Iranian here. Just wanted to share my love with my friends all over the world (Americans, Iraqis, Australians, etc.) as it is what the world needs the most in these hard times. #LoveBeyondFlags posted on pics
Just turned 21 years. He has accompanied me through teenage years, college, marriage, and was still able to meet my 4 month old baby. Thank you for a lifetime of companionship...I love you with all my ๐Ÿ’“. posted on aww
I love how the developers have found a way that we don't have to look at a minimap all the time to find our way on the roads, because "fake" road signs pop up to show the way (Mafia Definitve Edition) posted on gaming

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