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Good refers to something that is morally right, beneficial, pleasing, or of high quality. It originates from the Old English word 'gōd', meaning desirable or beneficial. Read on for synonym and other words for Good.

Good in a sentence
She gave a good performance at the concert last night.

"Good" 23 synonyms and related terms with examples

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Represents a higher standard or quality than 'good'.

He provided an excellent solution to the problem.


'Great' can imply enjoyment or success, often in a more informal context.

They had a great time at the amusement park.


'Superb' denotes a superior quality, often in the context of artistry or performance.

Her artwork is simply superb.


'Wonderful' emphasizes delight and pleasure.

They had a wonderful vacation in Hawaii.


'Outstanding' highlights something that stands out due to excellence.

She delivered an outstanding presentation.


Indicates a remarkable or unusually high standard.

He showed exceptional skill in the game.


'First-rate' is often used to classify something as top quality.

The chef prepared a first-rate meal.


'Splendid' suggests something visually impressive and magnificent.

The garden looked splendid in the spring.


'Terrific' can emphasize something amazing or extremely good.

We had a terrific day at the beach.


'Marvelous' focuses on causing great wonder or delight.

Her performance was absolutely marvelous.


'Top-notch' refers to the highest quality or best category.

The service at the hotel was top-notch.


Refers to something higher in quality, rank, or skill.

He has a superior understanding of mathematics.


'Favorable' is more about conditions or circumstances that bring a positive outcome.

The weather was favorable for the picnic.


'Positive' often relates to attitude or outlook rather than quality.

She always has a positive attitude.


Suggests something worth admiring due to its quality or virtues.

His dedication to his work is admirable.


Something worthy of attention or importance.

She made a notable contribution to science.


Deserves praise for its qualities or actions.

His bravery was praiseworthy.


Focuses more on advantages or positive impacts.

Regular exercise is beneficial to your health.


Indicates appropriateness for a particular purpose or context.

The dress was suitable for the occasion.


Implies a satisfactory quality, though not exceptional.

He found a decent job in the city.


Emphasizes a gentle and pleasing quality or experience.

They enjoyed a pleasant evening together.


Meets basic standards but may not exceed expectations.

The results were acceptable, but not outstanding.


Worthy of praise and approval.

Her efforts in organizing the event were commendable.

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Huge shoutout to Kevin O'Leary: "Definition of the market is speculation. If you are short you know run a new risk that these effective social media vigilantes are going to come after you and squeeze you and its good because it will make a lot of hedge funds think for a second time before shorting." posted on wallstreetbets
TIL A man created a fake restaurant on TripAdvisor and asked around for good reviews. Eventually, the fake restaurant was the #1 restaurant in London, and was being called up 100s of times daily for bookings. For a day, the man set up a “cafe” in his backyard and served frozen food to rave reviews. posted on todayilearned
Been gaming with this dude for 15 years. Since Rainbow Six Vegas on 360. I have some good gaming memories with him. He tried but couldn’t get one. Little did he know I was able to get him one. Looking forward to playing another generation with him. posted on gaming
This man jogged 2 miles through his neighborhood carrying a TV in his hands to prove that “looking like a suspect” who committed a robbery isn’t a good enough excuse for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. Neighbors waived hello to him as he jogged. posted on nextfuckinglevel
A few months ago, I had a top post that I was just starting chemo. Today I found out that my tumor shrank to about half its size and the cancerous nodules in my lungs are gone! Also I got to play with adorable kittens. It's a good day :) posted on pics
I am proud to do my part in paying forward our good fortune with a donation of 6 Nintendo Switches and games to go with them to the Children’s Minnesota Hospital. Cant Stop. Won’t Stop. GameStop. (Still long 50 shares I WILL NOT SELL) posted on wallstreetbets
Every night my daughter and I look at r/aww before bed for a little positivity. Last night she asked me to post our good boy. Reddit meet Maximo or Max for short. posted on aww
There are massive floods in southeast Mexico right now. These guys in a boat found a good boy who was cold, frightened, and clinging to a wall. Heroes... posted on nextfuckinglevel
Turns out 2021 is just a bizarre and unprecedented as 2020, except its all good things that keep happening, what are they? posted on AskReddit
Divorced parents don’t communicate. Both tried to one up the other. Good times. Obligatory goodbye social life. posted on gaming

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A word that reads the same upside down and right side up is called an ambigram. The word "SWIMS" is an example.

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