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Due to means 'because of' or 'caused by'. It is used to indicate the reason or cause of something. Read on for synonym and other words for Due to.

Due to in a sentence
The event was canceled due to bad weather.

"Due to" 30 synonyms and related terms with examples

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because of

Used to explain the reason for something happening.

The flight was delayed because of heavy fog.

owing to

Indicates the cause or reason for something occurring.

Owing to a lack of funds, the project has been postponed.

by reason of

Formal phrase indicating a cause.

He was absent by reason of illness.

on account of

Used to explain the reason or cause.

The picnic was called off on account of rain.

as a result of

Indicates the outcome that follows from a particular cause.

The streets were flooded as a result of the heavy rains.

thanks to

Used to express gratitude for the cause of a positive outcome.

Thanks to her hard work, she earned the promotion.

in consequence of

Formal way to indicate the result of a specific cause.

In consequence of the budget cuts, several programs were terminated.

as a consequence of

Indicates an effect that follows a specific cause.

As a consequence of the late submission, the application was rejected.

on the grounds of

Used to specify the basis for a particular action or decision.

The policy was revised on the grounds of fairness.

by virtue of

Used to indicate the reason or justification for something.

By virtue of his expertise, he was chosen to lead the project.

attributed to

Implies that the cause of something is assigned to a particular factor.

The success of the campaign is attributed to social media efforts.

stemming from

Indicates the origin or source of something.

The conflict stems from a misunderstanding.

resulting from

Indicates the cause that leads to a specific effect.

The traffic congestion is resulting from road construction.

a result of

Used to indicate the effect caused by a particular reason.

The delays are a result of the ongoing strike.

arising from

Indicates something that originates from a specific cause.

The issue arises from a lack of communication.

caused by

Used to specify the cause of an event or situation.

The accident was caused by reckless driving.

derived from

Indicates that something is obtained from a particular source.

His conclusions were derived from extensive research.

followed by

Indicates a sequence where one event leads to another.

The early snowfall was followed by freezing temperatures.

induced by

Specifies the cause that brings about a condition or effect.

The illness was induced by exposure to chemicals.

as a result

Indicates the effect that follows from a particular cause.

She missed the train, and as a result, she was late.

in light of

Used to indicate that a decision is made considering the circumstances.

In light of recent developments, the meeting was rescheduled,

with regard to

Indicates a reason related to a specific subject or situation.

The policy was changed with regard to environmental concerns.

by way of

Indicates the method or reason for something.

He addressed the audience by way of an introductory speech.

pursuant to

Indicates that something follows from a specific rule or law.

Pursuant to the law, all citizens must pay taxes.

in virtue of

Indicates a basis or reason for a particular situation.

In virtue of the evidence presented, the case was dismissed.


Used to take into account the cause or reason.

Considering the weather, the event was held indoors.


Shortened form to indicate the cause of something.

The payment was late due to unforeseen circumstances,


Used to introduce a reason or cause for something.

She didn't go to the party because she was feeling ill.

in view of

Used to consider the situation or circumstances.

In view of his impeccable record, he was promoted.

by cause of

Specifies the reason for an action or circumstance.

The changes were made by cause of the recent feedback.

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