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But is a conjunction used to introduce a phrase or clause contrasting with what has already been mentioned. Read on for synonym and other words for But.

But in a sentence
I wanted to go to the party, but I had to finish my homework.

"But" 14 synonyms and related terms with examples

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Used to introduce a statement that contrasts with or seems to contradict something that has been said previously.

She was tired, however, she kept working.


Used to indicate that something remains surprising or somehow contradictory despite preceding information.

The team played hard, yet they couldn't win the game.


Used to introduce a fact or opinion that makes what you have just said seem less definite or less strong.

She studied hard, though she still failed the exam.


A conjunction used to introduce a contrasting statement despite previous information.

Although it was raining, we went for a walk.


Used to indicate that something happens or is the case regardless of the preceding situation.

The task was difficult; nevertheless, she completed it on time.


Implies that something happens or is possible despite previous information.

He was warned about the risks, still, he went ahead.

even so

Used to introduce a contrasting fact that makes the preceding proposition less strong.

It's a risky plan; even so, they decided to proceed.

on the other hand

Used to provide an alternative corrective or contrasting idea.

She loves her job; on the other hand, it is very stressful.

despite that

Used to express that something happens or is true even though there is something that might prevent it.

The weather was bad; despite that, we enjoyed the picnic.


Similar to 'nevertheless', used to introduce a statement that contrasts with what has already been mentioned.

The weather was cold; nonetheless, we decided to go hiking.


Often used more formally, meaning 'in spite of' or 'despite'.

He is a great leader; his recent decisions notwithstanding.

even though

Introduces a fact that makes the preceding statement less surprising.

Even though she was tired, she went to the gym.


Used to introduce an impression of contradiction, traditionally more formal.

He accepted the job, albeit reluctantly.


Used to introduce a contrasting thought or idea, usually directly opposing the previous one.

The economy might grow and, conversely, inflation could worsen.

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